Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Sew Love Turns ONE !!

It's been an incredible one whole year since I launched this website and officially set the plan for Sew Love Tea Do. I have tried my best to find the balance between making & sewing and business admin...to then find the balance between work and play is even harder. Though of course its all a part of the fun and testing times of 'living the dream' and working for yourself right. I definitely have learned a lot and no regrets baby!!
 Over the year the clan and I have been popping up at all kinds of events: Small, big and humungus. It  has been exhilerating and challenging, and all a whirlwind of crazy really. The most brilliant thing is seeing the creations that people make!! At these workshops it is really inspiring and encouraging to continue on with my dream seeing how happy people are setting some time aside to make/craft/create and what funky, out there, gorgeous stuff they are making too. Sew cool!
I seriously seriously couldn't have been able to be here today looking back at all the events and fab times if it wasn't for the support of so many outstanding friends and family. You wonderful people up in Auckland opening your homes, pantry's and calendars to include and accommodate the travelling Sarah (YES YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE YOU STARS) it has been so so amazing to have you so on board. To my dearest Erin & Laura who have literally tee'd up events for me, carried the box loads, come along and worked their magic and creative talents, and picked me up off the floor when I needed the extra heave-ho. I truly am so grateful for all the time and energy you have given to this dream. & no thank you speech goes by without thanking the ma and pa. These two have put up with the back end of Sew Love the hoarding, the 'creative chaos'/mess the hoarding...did I note that already? They've put a roof over my head and food in my mouth. I count myself so lucky to be able to receive that love.
AND to all you wonderful followers, the cheerleaders, the eco warriors and enthusiasts, god I love you all so much and thank you for cheering loudly on this journey of conscious consumerism, mending and making do, up-cycling, creativity the lot! woo! 

Monday, 31 March 2014

The Wellington Sewing Bloggers Rocket

As I sat in the park by Katherine Mansfield statue as I was told to. Intensley studying a little pocket 'good shit' map I was recently handed. I excitedly (actually anxiously) waited for a sew-y lunch date with some famous ladies. How on earth will I know them when I see them? I've been slack in blogland lately so their faces not totally fresh in my mind...this place is full of people. Feels like EVERYONE on Lambton Quay has lunch in this park. I hope they might recognise me. I shuffle my highlighter yellow shoes. Noting the person across the park bench is staring at my socks. Perhaps I will text them. Im wearing yellow shoes and blue pants!
Thanks for the photo Sandra xx
Punctual, and energetic four smiling chirpy hello's bound right up to me in gorgeous colourful frocks of all patterns and style. Are you Sarah?? they ask. My lunch dates. Have. Arrived! We bid farewell to the grey suits white shirts and the person staring at my sock & shoe combo. 
We headed for a place where the girls were on first named basis and we got extra toast dosage. 
Sewing patterns were passed around and we ooed and ahhd at Kats new blue 'do'. 
I was completely blown away by the pace as to which these ladies sew, and talk about sewing. Sew freaking exciting. They knew nearly every indie pattern off by heart as they rattled of recommendations for a speedy post work - pre husbano home sewing sesh. And I was spoilt with a lengthy list of must see crafty destinations around Wellington. Inspiring is not a cool enough word for this. 
A rocket up my butt in the sewing department is definitely what they gave me. 
Mel, Nikki, SandraKat are more formerly known as 4 from the larger Wellington Sewing Bloggers Network .. But what I saw and was so lucky to experience is 4 friendly friends who work near each other, and all love to sew, sew very much and all love to have a great laugh together over lunch (or breakfast at 7.30am sorry i didnt make it gals xx). What a beautiful thing. I wish there was something like this further up the island. 
I was ALSO so lucky to indulge in some photo taking - back out amongst the grey charcoals in the park. Boy was this so much more fun with friends than on ones own. Sandra had her new dress on. & I had made pants especially for the welly trip 'capri's in 3' I have called them, they're self drafted and in need of a re-draft I must say. 100% rescued fabric - the blue is covered in black sketchy roses.
 Thank you so much for a great meet up ladies xxxxx until next time ... 

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Back in the s(e)wing! of things

 It's been a long time since I shared some sewing projects. Slash... Since I started and completed some sewing projects to share! Sorry! I feel it's important to share examples of up-cycling textiles and I have made it my goal to set aside some time away from 'admin' and back into the sewing room. I have been meaning to get back onto some of the great Indie Patterns that we are so lucky to grace this universe. I have had my eye on the sweet sweet Laurel for a while amongst some others from Colette Patterns. Check out the pinterest collection its big bright and beautiful.
In my first Laurel I used a nice thin cotton for the body which was donated by Debbi of Vesta Clothing. I lined it with a white sheet (the remainder of another project). The sleeves are cut from pillow slips, or actually the scraps of pillow slips from a tote bag project. At one point the sleeve got mysteriously caught up in my overlocker and of course cut a big slit across the forearm...so I see some mending is needed before I even get to wear it! Essentially the materials for this project were 100% free, and 100% recycled.
So I went back for more. I cut 3 Laurels out this morning, and aimed to finish a dress and the top. I really enjoy button up backs (that and I didn't have another zip handy) so I added on a little facing to each side to sew in the buttons and holes. I love these buttons they're navy and gold with little shields. I like what they add to the nautical stripes of the fabric. This fabric was a bit thicker so no need to line it. The blue contrasting cuffs were leftovers from another project. Just the perfect amount square to cut these out too. I love it when that happens! What do you think tucked in? or left out? Its nice to wear something a bit looser fitted. I feel like there is room to eat in this one :) 100% recycled, $2 for fabrics.
Sister Elna had a good day today bless her. 
Stay tuned for Laurel Numero TRES! A yummy floral sheet re-make.

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

EcoWest Festival: Op Shop Tour

Coming up at the end of this month I am taking an OP SHOP TOUR around New Lynn, Auckland.
I am really looking forward to taking a crew around a walking tour of my favourite op shopping haunt. 
Sharing some tips on hunting, styling, combining retro with classics, and potential up-cycling ideas.
New Lynn is full of great op shops, and all different styles so surely something for everyone. 
Saturday 29th March
Meet at New Lynn Train Station at 10am (plenty of bike parks too)
Tour runs till approx 12noon
~ Lunch break ~
Sewing Sessions & upcycling brainstorming at Sustainable Living Centre till 3pm
$50 per person 
BRING: Water bottle, shoes to walk in all day, notebook for tips & designing, tote bag for shopping

Book your spot in this fun day out via hello@sewloveteado.com 
Share the facebook event page with your friends too :)

Check out the rest of the Eco West Festival over here

xx Sarah xx

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Sew Some Love at SPLORE (photo heavy)

Creeping out of 5 days blurred with colour and crazy I have caught up on sleep and now enjoying going through my photos and taking stock of what awesomeness was achieved here on the beachside. Seriously, some 10m from the sand & a quick look to the right, we were right there dancing along to the mainstage music from our doorstep. We couldn't have been in a more magic spot. Thank you to the Sploresome 100s of people who came by to craft and sew in our tent. We have received some great feedback thank you & we hear you, yes we want to come back, and yes we will try get more space for you all :) It was so incredible to see dancing flower crowns and hearts on tee's popping up all over the festival. Here's some of my favourite pics, there is a bigger album here should your eyes be able to handle MORE. xx Theres some shots of the fabulous fashion over here (I made it in there yay!) & more to come on Splore Festivals' facebook page no doubt. 
Giant Sploresome thank you's from all of the Sew Some Love Crew xx

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

MEET THE TEAM for Sew Some love at SPLORE!

I am sew very excited to have some talented folk joining me to host our pop up at Splore this year. It is my privilege to introduce to you the creative cats that are hosting the sewing, crafting costume making tent SEW SOME LOVE at Splore 2014. Join us over here.
Erin Ellis is a typographer and illustrator with a specialty in hand drawn lettering. Originally from the Jersey Shore, she has lived in Baltimore, Pittsburgh, and San Francisco. Here in Auckland she freelances and teaches lettering workshops, sharing her spirit and skill. She finds endless inspiration in natural forms, and can be found wandering the city admiring old signage, or in the wilderness (or your front yard) snipping flower specimens to draw. She's passionate about reimagining natural materials, encouraging love and respect for our environment. She's looking forward to creative collaboration and learning from other amazing minds at Splore.

Laura Forest is a professional photographer and artist known for her ethereal way of capturing moments in time. She also documents social, environmental and cultural projects that give back to the community. She is inspired by natural forms, materials and landscapes. Before turning full-time to photography, she forged pathways for community development in the arts sector by day. By night, she created individual jewellery pieces from found objects and recycled silver. She doesn't know how not to be passionate and dedicated to the things that matter the most. She is looking forward to the way Splore weaves creative people, artwork and diversity into a stunning landscape.

Emily Cater loves to draw. In the corner of my bedroom, Millicent Crow HQ, I turn my drawings into gocco prints, screenprints, cards, bunting, pouches, stamps and badges, which I sell through my business Millicent Crow.  I get a lot of my inspiration from the past and love finding photographs of people’s ancestors abandoned in op shops – I often use these photos as starting points for my drawings.  Finding new uses for old materials is important to me and you might find an old blanket being given a new life as a backing for one of my brooches, or one of my pouches lined with a vintage sheet.  I’m looking forward to being able to do some recycling magic at Splore and to help people embrace their creativity!

Sew, bring your costumes, bring some fabric, bring your straw hat to pimp out with some colour. Come join a workshop, come say hello, and remember you can RSVP first over here!

Sunday, 12 January 2014

A New Year A New You!

Talking to friends and family, we all have similar resolutions for the new year, similar in the sense that we all want to learn something new. A new skill. So for those of you or your friends who may want to learn how to sew this year ... Well you're in luck we have new year courses all around the place. Auckland Central, West & North Shore. Check out our Workshops & Classes page for more info.
Although our upcycling courses are not 'Sew From Scratch', they are suitable for expert sewers to beginner sewers who can work their way around a machine. Of course any questions welcome just get in touch! xx
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