Monday, 1 April 2013


Kia ora! Howdy! Hola mi amigos!
With all my heart and soul, and every bit in between, 
I warmly welcome you to Sew Love Tea Do!
It's all about learning to sew, giving some love back to our earth, 
sharing sugar for your neighbours tea, and most of all taking action and doing good!

If you want to learn a bit more... You must know there are two things that I love a lot: 1. Our earth and 2. Getting crafty.

Yes I love to hug trees. I lost my blinkers a long time ago to the hideous unethical side of fast fashion, to the landfills piling up all over our world, and plastic shopping bags stewing our oceans. I decided that my time here on the planet is to do something productive in making this world a better place, re-using the resources we already have here and inspiring people to re-think, re-create; mend and make do.

I love to sew, fashion things, & create and have been yearning for a fun place to do this with others. Crafty skills are so grand to have, they save you a dollar from time to time, and bring a little bit more sparkle into your day. I had this thought one day: "I really want to hem this dress, dammit if only there was a place I could just pop in quickly and use the overlocker" So now you can pop in where we pop up and use our overlocker!  

I have stitched my two loves together, and created Sew Love Tea Do...crumbs I had no idea where to plonk this crafty creation! I wanted to get amongst all the communities - from the students and funky hipsters of the inner city, to the families and creative folk in Mt Eden, the Grey Lynn greenies, and out to the flavour of west and south side too. A wise friend said to me (Ta MB xx) 'why don't you just go to them?' So here it is, I am going to them, I am coming to you! My sewing machines and I, we are ready to pop up in your neighbourhood asap!

Stay tuned around here and our facebook page for news of classes and events coming soon! 1st on the list is a bit of a welcome shindig for our creative community (sewing machines included) can say a nice hello to each other. There will be tea, and sweet beats too!

Making a dream into a reality is one thing...making a web page look fine and dandy is another and I have to give HUMMUNGUS thanks to the kind creative cat Olivia from Make Believe for working her magic with my logo and to my dear friends Bex 'n' Stace for your wisdom & mouse clicking too! Woohoo!

Now run along ya'all have a nosey about the new pages and do let me know what you think.
PLUS it would be splendid if you tell your friends about us too!

xx Sarah xx

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