Monday, 20 May 2013

Autumn Cape Love

I finished up this cape yesterday, and have been wearing it ever since, styling it, snuggling it, instagraming it. I've had this old blanket in the stash for a while and had always imagined it as a cape. After spotting a few darn good ones on the street, I've been admiring mustard capes through pinterest and finally the time has come to set to it. I didn't line it, but made some bias binding out of an old floral sheet and tidied up all the inside edges with this. I quite like the look and it was fun to do something new. Making bias binding is fun too!
 I also spent a few hours on Sat doing a one on one tutorial, with my sweet neighbour. Firstly laying up and cutting out the cape pieces and then preparing for a big bias binding session & sewing soon.  Her beaut bright pink & green blanket is going to make such a funky statement of a cape. I cant wait to see it all done and rocked on the street with her pink suede boots! 

Have you got an old blanky in the cupboard that needs a bit of a dust off? Stay tuned as I've been in contact with a wonderful art centre in a sunny lovely Auckland suburb...and fingers crossed we can teach a special project cape class in Term 3!...Or if you can't wait, just get in touch for a private session at your place, solo or with your friends. 

xx Sarah xx

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  1. gorgeous! nice happy colour for winter too!


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