Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Busy in Schools

It's nearing the time to post out them entries for this years Schools Trash 2 Fashion competition! So if you are at school, and love to recycle - Keep raiding them rubbish bins, op shops, recycle centres and in-organic roadside mounds in search for something psychadelic, dazzling, or raggedy like a shorn sheep...or perhaps just completely out of this world!?!?!
I've been flat tack the last few weeks visiting schools all over Auckland - Sharing around an up-cycled wardrobe for students to analyse various construction techniques and doing the odd bit of handsewing too (a great skill to bind ANYTHING together), but the biggest smiles come out of the speed runway challenge: With a bike tyre, a sheet, a doily, a floaty vintage off cut and just a few safety pins, groups have 10-20mins twisting, turning, folding, rolling, looping and knotting together some crazy attire, and enjoy a practice of walking the catwalk to finish with a bang.

Get in touch real quick before it's too late if you would like a trash 2 fashion workshop in your class! Or if you fancy a focus more on sustainable fashion and general textile recycling we can tailor something to suit your group too.

Inspiring moment of the last few weeks: The view from Taupaki School (out by Bethells beach), a reminder of green, space, and fresh air that we people need to love and protect.
Next stop: Long Bay College in a couple of weeks to talk denim inspired up-cycling...I've been gathering inspiration over here - bring it on!!

xx Sarah xx

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