Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Pendrell Blouse V1

Whatta hoot! Inspired to get further indie this month I completed my first indie pattern, as June is Indie Pattern Month had you heard? Now my first indie pattern (of many) from Sewaholic..introducing the Pendrell Blouse. I got all ready about 4pm to spike off the pattern, ended up spiking, cutting, labelling, cutting fabric, sewing, unpicking, sewing, eating, x-factoring, sewing - done! Bed at 10pm.
As I mentioned here, I have always bought vintage patters, or drafted my own, so am an excited wee lass to support some local independant pattern businesses. I bought this pattern as my first pick because ...

A) Thinking long term, thinking sustainable style and longevity. This blouse is def a style I could wear now, and could grow with over seasons/years (am going to make my mother one next)
B) It looked versatile to wear to office (should I ever work in such a place again) or other such places that require 'blousey' attire. It's also a relaxed enough fit to wear in the w/e should it be made in a more casual fabrics perhaps a light weight denim, or i'm even envisioning floral sheets!
C) It appeared a relatively simple sew. And it was! I could take this one to the classroom and share its greatness about. Ive added it to the 'spring working wardrobe workshop' list.
D) really "D" should come as "A" for me because its probably the FIRST thing I look for in patterns...lots of panels...so I can mash different colours, patterns and textures together. This is why I love sewing and making my own creations, why not add that horendous thing with that dotty thing with that furry thing? haha! I'm not really a plain single colour kinda gal... In saying that, this green top does feel a little plain to me, hence the last min decision to cut the textured gold overlay.

So the fabric breakdown:
Body: Offcuts from a designer, end of run, (FREE!, and there's about 3m left too)
Frills: Vintage silk scarf from our local recycle centre ($1 for a bag, I got about 10sscarves in the bag)
Centre Front Overlay: Gold netting from local Salvation Army store ($1, and there's about 2m left too)
Total recycled: 100%
Total cost: $2

You will be seeing more of this colour mixing in much brighter form in zee next project: the 'Peter and the wolf pants' from Papercut Patterns ... Just arrived in the post today - hoorah!

I hope to get some more sewing done this week but it is the Auckland Art & Craft Fair this w/e and I have a stall there selling my Trinity St Loft cards & stationary, time to refocus on preparations for that.

...or perhaps I might just spike of my wolf pants, I cannot wait!

xx Sarah xx


  1. I love the sleeves on this!! Very cute and wow can't beat that price!

  2. Fabulous! Love the colour combination, very unique and cute. :-)

    1. thank u :) I would love to be able to link up over on pinterest if I can xx


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