Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Down by the boardwalk, down by the SEA! Capelet V2

I cut another capelet. Yes indeedy version 2. This time round I cut the 'back piece' TWICE and replaced the fronts...does this still make it a cape all closed up and snug? Perhaps its now...a snug? Not a shrug! No! A snug. Featured with said capelet today,  in perfectly complementary colours is a snazzy keep cup! The BEST way, no the ONLY way to have a cafe takeaway. I don't drink coffee, but love to treat myself to a hot chocky now and again, especially when out "on a shoot" (sounds flash huh) with these bitterly cold southerly winds. Also peeping out a wee smile here today is a happy handmade brooch by yours truly - I make these from bike tyre inner tube, washers/hardware etc & embroidery thread. FUN!
The deets:
* Peachy pink woolly blanket (offcuts from Tania of NZ Finch - thanks darl) 
* Blue & black geometric sweatshirting (stash busting to the maximus here) Originally from a Salvation Army if I remember rightly: $2
* Black bias binding from an op shop SALE (yes even cheaper!) on Kroad in the w/e approx $0.10
Total Recycled: 100%
Total Price: $2.10


  1. LOVE IT! Can you create me one? Inbox me!

  2. Ooooo capelettes are next on my sewing list - but when I say next i mean i intend to do it in the next ten projects I have planned :)


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