Tuesday, 30 July 2013

< < Melbs > > A duvet skirt at Grub

I whipped up this circle skirt the night before I flew to Melbourne. Total recycled 100% Total cost $4. It's made from a duvet, with the duvet inner included to add warmth (err and volume!) I took such great care to include a zip through all the layers, hand tacking the wadding & the inside lining (of the same sheet) to the back. All to find once I tried it on for a taster, the waist hole circle had stretched tremendously under all the weight and me moving it around. A good point to note: Don't handle your garment too much more than necessary (especially if they're heavy and stuffed) as the places cut on bias eg: necklines, armholes, waists can easily stretch and morph out of shape. I saved the day by attaching a seriously large elastic to cinch it back into my waist - She still has a pointless zip at centre back. Oh well I got her finished in time for a snuggly plane ride and then later THIS fun saturday morning in the heart of Fitsroy, creamy chai latte in hand. I feel a bit like Minnie Mouse in it.
I was taken to Grub for breakfast. A glasshouse with plenty pot plants a hanging, crochet, retro doll heads and corn on the cob looking stools. The staff dressed in aprons of teatowels & linens dabhanded together. This was a place to be! The morning light was gorgeous, brightening up the front yard complete with army netting, reclaimed wood fences, dirt floor and silver spaceship looking camper. My friend Arturo enjoyed playing with his new camera as much as I did prancing about the retro setting. We had fun, and earned a coconutty, buckwheaty porridge indeed.
Welcome to the < < Melbs > > series
xx Sarah xx


  1. Ohhlaa looking forward to more of your Melbourne posts (seriously jealous!) and hope you told the Aussies it was a doona skirt (what is it with that word! cracks me up every time I hear it!)

  2. LOVE it! I've got a table with formica on it just like the one in your pic, I love spotting tables with it on! Enjoy your travels!


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