Monday, 22 July 2013

Help Me Melbournites!

I'm super excited to be jetting over to my all time favourite Melbourne THIS WEEK! I am really looking forward to seeing my dear Melby friends, and this lovely named 'business trip to Melbourne' makes me really want to maximise my time of visiting (in the name of R&D) awesome vintage/sewing/textile places of the area. 
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Thanks to Dan from Thread Den for allowing me into the fold so I can come watch and learn the ways of a funky sewing lounge. I have dreamed to visit for a long long time. I am super excited. Here's a couple of other places on my to-visit list. Where else or who else do you recommend I head to? I sew wish Pip's Meet Me At Mikes was still open!
The Woodsfolk
ink and spindle
Handmakers Factory

...Calling all Melby crafty creatures!! What else needs to be added to my list???
xx Sarah xx

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