Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Hump-day Hoo-ray: Humanitees!

I have a lovely long list of ethical clothing brands that I cant wait to share with you and promote their awesomeness, but I just read about Humanitees over at Recycled Fashion and really really REALLY like their business and also their tees. T-shirts are the go-to for many. Your simple main street bargain $5 cotton tee, cami, singo etc, thats now 2 for $5 seems to be a staple diet season after season, with probably not much thought to where it came from, or where it gets thrown away to later. One of my passions in life is to inspire more conscious consumerism, the double C word we've seen a bit lately but what does it mean? To actually know WHERE your products come from and HOW they were made. To not be mindless consumers, but actually THINK first. Not because I tell you to, or because our planet is doomed if we don't, but because its more interesting knowing, more fair knowing, more fun knowing! Fun fact for the day COTTON originally looked like this cutie:
So, i'm not one to don much cotton basics, my friends know i'm not that 'shorts n tee' kinda gal, but I think this is also due to the fact, fashion-wise I see t-shirts as quite a statement item. I would only ever wear one when I want to SAY SOMETHING STRONGLY really (unless it had crazy polka dots over it, or mix matched recycled sleeves then I would wear it all the time). With Humanities, now it's the time to pop that tee!
Not only are these tees manufactured under certified fair conditions in India, they're delish yummy organic cotton too, and the two rad dudes who started this business invested (and still do) time, energy and importantly $ into the Indian locals getting themselves out of poverty through the wonderful Kiva programme. They offset their carbon with crop support in India, and also deliver in my fav flavoured packaging: eco-friendly, 100% recycled, brown goodness + a whole lot more 'good karma' they call it, at their checkout. Seriously seriously good business! Hoo-ray!
Recycled Fashion has pics of the full range (I grabbed the above pics from her blog), and plenty more to read, Erica is also doing a giveaway, so have a think, who do YOU think deserves a tee of humanitee? Someone who does loads of good? Somebody who needs a reminder to do good? Someone who is always smiling? Or someone who needs a little hug to get them smiling again? Head on over and leave your comment, and check out the rest of her beaut blog too, its got plenty good greens to keep you happy.

xx Sarah xx

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