Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Hump-day Hoo-ray: Labour behind the label

As we are now into July, I have been reflecting on my wardrobe again, thinking about my shopping habits over the last 12 months... Last year throughout July I signed up to the 6 items challenge. I wore just 6 items of clothing for the whole of July, as a stand against fast fashion atrocities, and fundraising for Labour Behind The Label organisation. So the hoo-ray for today is for this awesome organisation.
 Labour Behind the Label dedicate all their time to researching, protesting, educating, and inspiring our world to help improve working conditions in garment factories across the globe. The tragic news stories of Bangledesh should be now be adding an extra thought into our heads as we opt for the 2 for 1 bargain bins. LBL (as they've been nicknamed) strives each day to get the message across that slave labour is happening TODAY. It wasn't just the 80's and 90's, it is still happening today. They've written up some shopping tips which include my fav: buying 2nd hand. Perhaps they also could have included here: Sewing your own. As a huge lover of fashion/style/creative clothing of thy bod (and hoarding) the challenge was a great task to see how I could work my magic with just a few items. I used a whole pile of accessories, and safety pins etc to change up the shapes. You can see a photo album of my mad month of 6 items over here
So reflecting on the past 12 months...I have definitely ONLY bought 2nd hand, so no supporting the fast fashion crusades. But I have to say I have continued buying in great quantities. EEP! I'm adding more to my TradeMe each day now as a bit of a cleanse. I hope to have a wardrobe that tells a real story, a story of history, saved textiles, and 'i made it myself' memoirs. Some things in our lives just become 'stuff' ... this scarf though. I love her in all her outrageousness, but only worn her a few times. Should I let her go??

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