Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Keeping On The Indie Buzz

Indie pattern month is all wrapped up, but I feel like its just unwrapped a whole lotta goodness for me and the sewing machine clan. Great news just in that Dresses and Me is now stocking Victory Patterns too. Im just trying to narrow down to choose just a few to purchase (lets not go too cray too fast). Here's my fav four...

 ....The wonderful photos are not mine I grabbed them from Penny's lovely website / Victory Patterns where we kiwis can now locally buy these beaut Victory Patterns. They are all pretty pretty, and indeed pretty summery too. High hopes that warmer climates are nigh. I have made a collage here as a VISUAL GOAL...A PLAN I'll have you know...

#1: Replace each image with a photo of me wearing my version of the item instead.
#2: Replace each image with a photo of someone wearing their version, after I have taught them to make it too.

Mel has been writing up some great interviews & reviews of all the makings and happenings from Indie Pattern month including a little interview with me over here.

Here's to future sewing dreams!
xx Sarah xx


  1. Great idea. I've just got a couple of Victory patterns from Penny - it was so hard to decide! But I settled on Lola and Chloe, just because I could winterise both :)

  2. Hi Sarah, I received your swap parcel in the mail a few days ago! I'm short for time right now (exam study!) so it might be awhile before I can make anything from what you sent but when I do I'll be sure to show you!


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