Thursday, 4 July 2013

Papercut Patterns: Peter & The Wolf Pants

Mashing, or 'colour blocking' as it's often called. Its such a great way to use offcuts from other projects (or other peoples throwouts at the op shops). What appears to be a small piece of fabric and deemed useless, can in fact add a fantastic 'pop' to an otherwise bog-standard garment... said 'pops' being the story of my life! So when I saw the peter & the wolf pants over at Papercut patterns I thought we go baby!

cut cut cut sew, press, overlock. press, sew, sew, sew, there went my day, excited to finish, try on and dammit! Should have listened to lladybird and done the darn toile first. A much too much too big! I've been hoping to finish these before the official end of indie pattern month tomorrow but perhaps I'm not going to get the time to fix these...
...and then I did fix them (dinner had to wait, but totes worth it). I re-shaped the centre front by cutting back a MASSIVE inch off the curve. I reshaped the hips too as they were super curvy, (and Im afraid i'm curvy enough in that department)...and then to bring it in even more, I took out the zip, added a wee facing, and hook'n'eyes and overlapped the side instead. 
This cinches it in up around my waist. I feel so uncomfortable with pants on my hips or nearing my hips, I totally embrace the current high waisted fashions. I think if I make this one again I might add a bit to the height of the yokes next time to secure it comfortably at waist height as these pants are not patterned to be like this. All in all, I'm super pleased (super tired after epic frustrations) but looking forward to rockin' them out perhaps with a wee matching top or Victoria Blazer..? There's a sew along coming up real soon and I AM EXCITED!
The fabric breakdown:
Navy cotton print (with a tad stretch) $5 from SPCA op shop (many metres left)
Red print on front: Wax fabric from the Congo, gifted from a friend offcuts from her project
Orange floral cotton inside pockets & back yoke: Free from a fabric swap
Total recycled: 100%
Total price: $5


  1. Awesome trousers! I love this pattern - not my usual style, but I've been seriously debating getting it because those style lines are FABULOUS, and after seeing Lladybird's version, and now your stunning colour-blocked pair, well, I think I may have to go and hit the 'buy' button. ;-)

  2. You did a great job at down-sizing and I love our colour blocking - pattern on pattern is fab!

  3. Oh, beautiful trousers! And, I love the little contrasting fabric bits you added, totally makes it! Good on you for altering them in one evening. I was working on trousers, they have some serious problems in the waist department and I still havn't got around to fixing them.

  4. Wow, these are amazing! I assumed this pattern would look cool in a printed fabric, glad to know I was right :) Now this just makes me want to sew up another pair haha.


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