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< < Melbs > > Run Lola Run

It was  going to be chilly weather in Melbs, and I knew there would be a lot of walking about exploring. I wanted to be warm and comfortable. I had just the ticket! I would have loved to order miss Lola through Dresses and Me who recently announced Victory patterns in stock. But in usual last minute project idea fashion, I had but a day to make. 11am I downloaded miss Lola from Victory patterns website. She was printed, gluesticked, cut and prepped in time for lunch. Quite modest fabric choices were selected from my stash of sweatery offcuts all sourced from op shops over the last year at about $1 per 2m bundle. It took a lot of strength to not go pink/yellow/spots all over this one. Im quite happy with my tonal sea/forest range. I made a hot tea and with woolly hat on head I headed out to the sewing shed where Mr Otis Overlocker resides. By eve I had zoomed out a Lola. I couldn't be happier with such a garment for winter travelling. Uber comfortable from couch to curbside grafitti.
Lola and I headed to meet Nichola from Handmakers Factory on my first day in Melbs. The hugest coolest old factory building housed a number of creative activities and Nichola was sharing a space with the wonderful Ink and Spindle. It was such a privilege to set foot in their studio space. Nichola and I perched on beautiful Ink and Spindle inked furniture, sipping tea (of course) and chatted about environmental and social enterprises and dreams of ours which were quite similar. Nichola was so so lovely and welcoming, taking time out of her day to speak with me. Lara and the crew from the studio offered me some of their shared lunch so sweet and I was headed off onto my next Lola adventure. 
There is a lot of rad things in Fitsroy/Collingwood where I spent most of my Melbourne days, the best thing I noticed though was the number of small indie businesses that the locals support. All full of awesome design, art, industria to fashionista, it was so great to see. I had squirrelled away some funds for this trip to make some special locally made purchases, rather than just the vintage stores for a change. My dear friend and host, Annie, took me to a few Australian made places. We tried on plenty and pranced a plenty in changing rooms too. Miss Lola  I found and fell in love with Obus. 'designed with the modern travelling women in mind'  Not only MADE IN AUSTRALIA the shopkeeper said within a 10km radius of that there store. Yes I bought pants with a snazzy print and socks to boot. very very smug. Even more smug when she asked when every second shop assistant asked where I got my dress from! *grinning*.  The Lola adventure was just warming up.
 Perhaps my favourite thing to do in any city but particularly here in Melbs, is walk the streets, camera in hand getting snap happy with corners, doors, shop fronts and STREET ART.  Lola was great to accompany me never failing to provide comfort and ease no matter how many KM's I walked (the boots were a bit lacking though) ..So Run Lola Run (have you seen that cool film?) I felt. Street after street, creative artistic surprises on nearly every curb side. I love how bright and colourful these suburbs are, the stories painted on their walls, and the creativity exuded.
Garment Deets:
Pattern: Victory Patterns Lola
Total Recycled: 100%
Total Cost: $4 approx

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xx Sarah xx

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  1. Your Lola looks awesome. I am about to make a Lola and wasn't going to use ribbing for the bands, but just same fabric as dress - looks like you did the same? How is that work out?


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