Monday, 8 July 2013

Sewing Studio Snippets

Happy Monday ya'all! Today has been a grand day of learning all about stop motion video...intense (especially if ya flying solo like me). Im on a super short time schedule to prepare some pics for a special project coming up real soon. So today I set to work with Bessie, Jane, Tabitha, and newcomers Malina Bernina, Suzie Singer, and ... well I haven't named my most recent clan member. Could you help? Like Bessie, he/she is from the 'brother' family, bit more sporty & outgoing than Bessie, into blue hues & double denim, and has been a real star through this winter.


  1. Bruce. Boris. Becker. Bevis. (right back to my wine, enough from me for one night!) S:)

  2. Bernie, Bernadette, bridgit bardow, basil brush! :)


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