Tuesday, 30 July 2013

T-Day: It's Informal and It's Chai - GIVEAWAY CLOSED

Random Number Generator aka Mumsy: Selected a safe middle of the road 3!! That is you Louana of NZ Green Buttons YAY as a chai lover you are sooo gonna love this beauty.
Here at Sew Love HQ, a day don't go by without numerous cups of tea. No I dont mean lounging about, I mean it is FUEL! I recently was introduced to the great lads of Informal Tea. My first pick of their delicious line up was 'It's Chai' and boy is it what! Cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, fennel and more, I could taste more - Chai-ho! *dances like Nicole Sherzinger*. First up lets get one thing straight, I'm a chai latte lover, and even in the heart of hipsterville, Fitsroy, Melbs, I wasn't too happy at paying $7 for a chai and walking away a milk-less TEA (no latte in sight!) BUT thanks to Informal Tea, I have been swayed somewhat. Indeedio!

THIS was delish! And I think its all due to the lads' dedication to ONLY use loose whole leaf tea, none of this bilbo baggins or bag outs deal. No sir-ree they wanted to stay true to good flavour and their great values as they source their organic, micro-produced artisan tea leaves, and handblend it here in NZ so you can spoon your textured, colourful, flavoursome, nutrient packed morsel into your teapot yourself. Thank you, I enjoyed that especially.

Drinking Informal tea is just like the super softness of organic cotton knickers, or zipping up your handsewn dress - KNOWING that it has been made fairly and with love makes the moment/your day/your life feel all the more better and rosey! You can read more about Informal Tea global/local spirit & philosophies here.

Go get yourself some tea in their shop, and smile at their face too! 

I have a bag of this here chai to give away to one lovely tea lover. Could this be you? Just leave a comment below after you swing by their website and facebook page & tell me the most awesome thing you read about Informal Tea - Kos there's plenty!! Giveaway will be drawn next t-day 6th Aug.

xx Sarah xx


  1. I'm too old to be a hipster so I've never tried Chai latte (definitely not at $7!). I did take a gander at Informal Tea's website and was most interested to learn about Earl Gray (my fav tipple), so I'm waiting for those little seeds to grow (and not asking how they got them past biosecurity!) S:)

  2. Thanks for introducing me to Informal Tea, sounds like an awesome company.. Loving the free delivery, I am planning to order the Lemon-ish, can't wait!!

  3. Wow I didn't know their were so many delish sounding teas out there! I'm a Chai lover :)

  4. Oh, bio-diverse and free range! Sounds like my kind of company. Thanks for letting running a great competition.

    Cheers, Helen

  5. that they only use natural original source flavourings is very appealing to me personally. i love tea's of many kinds being english, but i'd never heard of this company until now...


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