Monday, 1 July 2013

Toilet Paper Dresses & More Recycling

My friends and old classmates back at Fashion Tech are currently going through the final stages of the Kleenex Cottonelle Toilet Paper Dress may have seen the ads on TV, there are the full videos over here, and great pics over on this website  and here too...Lovin' the headline 'model's career goes down the toilet' ... My good friends Kat and Vili are in the top 3 with very different, but equally creative and awesome dresses. Kylie Bax (ex Thames too) is the top model choosing the winner, but there is also a peoples choice winner. So head on over and vote for your favourite!
Winner of 2012, inspired by the Pohutukawa, pic from here

They have been teaming up with Kleenex Cottonelle for the last few years, the dresses always look superb. I wonder what else is there that is more WASTE, that could be re-used? this toilet paper is actually a product fresh from the packet...perhaps a plastic bag challenge? ironing, weaving, knitting...what other sorts of bulk waste is there? cardboard packaging? Any ideas? It's also semi final time for the Schools Trash 2 Fashion Comp, you can check out some of their fab recycling here.

xx Sarah xx

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