Sunday, 25 August 2013

Sew September - a chance to give sewing a go!

Throughout September I'm glad to announce that Sew Love will be popping up at a few places over Auckland. The Crew (as pictured below): Jane, Bessie, Boris, Suzie, Betty, Malina and I will be setting up camp in various community centres for a day of sewing each week of September. There will be all the equipment you need: threads, machines, scissors, bundles of 2nd hand fabrics to use, or bring along your own projects. You can have a go, your kids could have a go, bring your friends and you all can have a go at this thing called SEWING. 
Make something small * Start something big
Do some mending * Seek technical advice
Revamp your nannas dress * Handstitch a gift
Peruse vintage patterns * Plan a project 
Meet some sewing pals * Drink good tea

Sew September Community Pop-ups:
Grey Lynn Community Centre 10-3pm Saturday 7th
Titirangi Community Centre: 10-3pm Saturday 21st

FREE ENTRY into the sewing lounge
KOHA to book some time on a machine

Get in touch to have a pop up in your neighbourhood xx

Friday, 23 August 2013

Community Classes: UPCYCLE PARNELL workshop 1

After threading up, and getting used to our machines, the group set to work to make their own shopping bags, because we always need a tote handy to say NO to plastic bags. Vintage pillowcases were upcycled with cotton scraps to applique designs and pockets on the outside. We used men's ties and fabric straps for handles. A great first class with such an awesomely CREATIVE bunch of gals! See you next week! xx Sarah xx

Schools Trash 2 Fashion Finals Showcase

This saturday night, I am so excited to see a whole line up of CREATIVE crazy kids. The annual Schools Trash 2 Fashion competition has reached the finals and tomorrow night is going to be a colourful and comedic performance (if its anything like last years grand greatness and bellyfull of laughs). There are still tickets available, and if you're on a small budget the bleacher seats are really good I sat there last year. Cant wait to see the wonders these kids have worked so hard on. There are some that I taught in workshops earlier this year too - how exciting!!

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

T-Day: Wrap up warm GIVEAWAY - CLOSED

'big wave!' Oh hello there! Hi! ....and hello you there approaching SPRING! The sun is out shining  a lot more lately and the summer clothes are calling me name, BUT its still pesky cold in the shade, and as we all know here in NZ everything can change to a thunderstorm within the hour... I quite often get caught out with ye ol' change of season cold. NOT THIS YEAR! And neither shall you suffer either if you win this giveaway :-)
It's T-day again thanks to the lovely guys at Informal Tea, I have another bag of lovingly handmade loose leaf tea to giveaway...Alongside a lovingly handmade vintage fabric up-cycled scarf made by moi! :) Both are as snuggly and warm as each other and both shall help ward off them tricky sneak up on ya spring flu's n blues.
Check out the Informal Tea range over on their website here and leave a comment below on this post of your guess of which tea is in my pocket. Think warm and cosy, just like your new scarf, and the perfect accompaniment to NOT catching a cold this wintery/spring change of days. Winner will be selected from correct answers next T-day 27th. 

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Cafe Crafting: Hemming Away

When I say hemming, I think of the wonderful Hemmingway. In our beautiful big Aucksy city, where would Hemmingway enjoy a wee tipple? Well, my first guess was Library bar, but just heard the saddest news that they are closing down! hark! ....perhaps it's The Library Cafe in Onehunga, a late night cafe in a heritage building built in 1912 that houses plenty a book. Yesss!
Even regular sewers like myself still stack up a pile of hems to be hemmed. So whether you need to take up some pants, or trim up a awfully modest vintage dress, or perhaps your work skirt hem has been pulled and needs a re-do...come along and hem it over tea, or wine or a giant piece of cake? It's time for a well overdue eve of Cafe Crafting! August 15th. Thursday from 7pm. Clear your diary and rustle up a skirt a frock or a knickerbocker too? We might just find some Hemmingway to read whilst there.

I've created a facebook event, you dont HAVE to rsvp, but it would be great to know how many of us to book a table.

xx Sarah xx

Salvaging & Price Tags

Continuing along on the subject of Salvage... Check out this great video about the recycling happening down in Christchurch. From re-shooshing the art centre, to Earthships: Houses of coke cans yes please! ALSO the wonderful Juliet from Rekindle, I love everything that Rekindle is about its such a great thing that has ‘come through the fire’ so to speak.

There is a good point made, this sort of product [The furniture handcrafted by Rekindle] is time consuming to make and ends up with a higher swing tag (I don’t want to say price tag, because its not a 'price' but rather an investment that you use your money for, and I don’t want to say expensive because its not 'expensive' its something that deserves its value).  Such a swing tag as found on handmade rekindled recrafted goods is then potentially scoffed at with the thought oh I can just get a table and chairs from the warehouse. Something without soul, without story, without fairly paid hands making it, no doubt and WITH a whole lot of more materials brought into the planet, likely destination: Landfill. 
Along with the people featured in the panel in this clip, I too hope that there is a demand for products like these. It's up to consumers to make the choice. Not just sigh and say that's sad when another manufacturing company hands out another 100 redundancies. We have power within our purchases.
I am reading Overdressed by Elizabeth L Cline at the moment. There is SO MUCH good stuff in this book I want to shout from the rooftops, but in my recent jaunt with the chapter 'high and low fashion make friends' there’s a few sentences that I have noted down as they really stuck out to me as I am often confronted with 'ahhh if you want us to support NZ made and organic etc then why is it so damn unaffordable and expensive' Well, a grand response follows...
“they will spend $20 on  a garment, so they can buy sixty or one hundred pieces, but they will not spend $150 on one garment and buy fewer pieces. Its very wasteful. If consumers weren’t so focused on quantity over quality and trends over innovative design, the price of domestic production (eg shopping NZ MADE) might not seem so exorbitant’ Page 59, Overdressed,  Elizabeth L Cline

There it is folks. its up to us the consumer with our choices of purchasing to create the need for the products and the survival of a wee store or a whole industry. This should be lead from the top too really - Our trains should be made here, not in China! Nice one Keys.

Photos above are all from Rekindle website and are by amazing photographer and now so pleased to call her a friend: Laura Forest ... I'm sure you'd like to see their faces here and here 

I so so love the city scapes wouldn't this make the perfect house warming present?

xx Sarah xx

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Hump-day Hoo-ray: Salvage & Selvedge

Still all Aussie inspired on zee blog, coming from my recent trip. On my first day in town Annie & I headed out for what I had been so so looking forward to. just meandering the streets of Fitsroy. I was lead to the coolest named store, with the coolest window display, and even cooler set up inside. oh love! Introducing....two of my favourite things ever in a name:
A smiling chirpy shop assistant will certainly greet you at 78 Johnstone St, Fitsroy. There Face is pretty smiley too :-)
The window display took a good half hour of open mouthed staring to sink in. This was just my cup of tea of upcycling. Quirky, colourful, blatent yet well executed re-use. Seriously was considering booking up some 'checked in' luggage and filling it with these bricks. The store was cute and small, with an open back behind a curling staircase to a more cleared gallery type space perhaps for photography (or as I instantly envisinged an upcycling sewing area hehe), they have a naturopath upstairs, perfect should one need help after such excitement in store I thought. I am yet to feel confident snapping away with my camera in stores. I really want to showcase the goodness out there, but sometimes get a bit shy in asking, perhaps after past rude responses of "no!" and "why?" Any tips on this photo bloggers?
My favourite thing in store were these felt clutches. I regrettably didnt buy one.. I think purely because I wanted a mint button, but I wanted the bigger clutch. (the little things in life huh) perhaps when I return to Melbs (in november ee so soon!) they may have new ones in store.
It is so so nice to see small businesses like this one being supported. I really hope NZ and Auckland can pick up there game with this. Support local, support small businesses, support upcycled/remade. In the gift store where I work a few days a week, there's a guy who makes awesome upcycled wooden furniture and things using horse shoe nails, driftwood, bee boxes etc they are really really nicely done, not bang crashed together at all and the amount of times I hear someone scoff at it and say ohh yeah I can totally make that...and do they? no! 
Just buy it and support the person who has already made it. 
Anyway...Here's to Salvage & Selvedge HOO-RAY! 
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