Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Hump-day Hoo-ray: Salvage & Selvedge

Still all Aussie inspired on zee blog, coming from my recent trip. On my first day in town Annie & I headed out for what I had been so so looking forward to. just meandering the streets of Fitsroy. I was lead to the coolest named store, with the coolest window display, and even cooler set up inside. oh love! Introducing....two of my favourite things ever in a name:
A smiling chirpy shop assistant will certainly greet you at 78 Johnstone St, Fitsroy. There Face is pretty smiley too :-)
The window display took a good half hour of open mouthed staring to sink in. This was just my cup of tea of upcycling. Quirky, colourful, blatent yet well executed re-use. Seriously was considering booking up some 'checked in' luggage and filling it with these bricks. The store was cute and small, with an open back behind a curling staircase to a more cleared gallery type space perhaps for photography (or as I instantly envisinged an upcycling sewing area hehe), they have a naturopath upstairs, perfect should one need help after such excitement in store I thought. I am yet to feel confident snapping away with my camera in stores. I really want to showcase the goodness out there, but sometimes get a bit shy in asking, perhaps after past rude responses of "no!" and "why?" Any tips on this photo bloggers?
My favourite thing in store were these felt clutches. I regrettably didnt buy one.. I think purely because I wanted a mint button, but I wanted the bigger clutch. (the little things in life huh) perhaps when I return to Melbs (in november ee so soon!) they may have new ones in store.
It is so so nice to see small businesses like this one being supported. I really hope NZ and Auckland can pick up there game with this. Support local, support small businesses, support upcycled/remade. In the gift store where I work a few days a week, there's a guy who makes awesome upcycled wooden furniture and things using horse shoe nails, driftwood, bee boxes etc they are really really nicely done, not bang crashed together at all and the amount of times I hear someone scoff at it and say ohh yeah I can totally make that...and do they? no! 
Just buy it and support the person who has already made it. 
Anyway...Here's to Salvage & Selvedge HOO-RAY! 

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  1. that store looks delicious. i'm glad you snapped a few so i can live vicariously...

    whenever i want to snap photos, i say something like "i'd love to share your store with my readers--can i take i few pictures for my site? i know they'd love to know about you!"

    although, i sorta hate the term "readers". it implies such a passive community, and we're not that at all, but it makes more sense to shop owners and such. okay, signing off.


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