Thursday, 8 August 2013

Salvaging & Price Tags

Continuing along on the subject of Salvage... Check out this great video about the recycling happening down in Christchurch. From re-shooshing the art centre, to Earthships: Houses of coke cans yes please! ALSO the wonderful Juliet from Rekindle, I love everything that Rekindle is about its such a great thing that has ‘come through the fire’ so to speak.

There is a good point made, this sort of product [The furniture handcrafted by Rekindle] is time consuming to make and ends up with a higher swing tag (I don’t want to say price tag, because its not a 'price' but rather an investment that you use your money for, and I don’t want to say expensive because its not 'expensive' its something that deserves its value).  Such a swing tag as found on handmade rekindled recrafted goods is then potentially scoffed at with the thought oh I can just get a table and chairs from the warehouse. Something without soul, without story, without fairly paid hands making it, no doubt and WITH a whole lot of more materials brought into the planet, likely destination: Landfill. 
Along with the people featured in the panel in this clip, I too hope that there is a demand for products like these. It's up to consumers to make the choice. Not just sigh and say that's sad when another manufacturing company hands out another 100 redundancies. We have power within our purchases.
I am reading Overdressed by Elizabeth L Cline at the moment. There is SO MUCH good stuff in this book I want to shout from the rooftops, but in my recent jaunt with the chapter 'high and low fashion make friends' there’s a few sentences that I have noted down as they really stuck out to me as I am often confronted with 'ahhh if you want us to support NZ made and organic etc then why is it so damn unaffordable and expensive' Well, a grand response follows...
“they will spend $20 on  a garment, so they can buy sixty or one hundred pieces, but they will not spend $150 on one garment and buy fewer pieces. Its very wasteful. If consumers weren’t so focused on quantity over quality and trends over innovative design, the price of domestic production (eg shopping NZ MADE) might not seem so exorbitant’ Page 59, Overdressed,  Elizabeth L Cline

There it is folks. its up to us the consumer with our choices of purchasing to create the need for the products and the survival of a wee store or a whole industry. This should be lead from the top too really - Our trains should be made here, not in China! Nice one Keys.

Photos above are all from Rekindle website and are by amazing photographer and now so pleased to call her a friend: Laura Forest ... I'm sure you'd like to see their faces here and here 

I so so love the city scapes wouldn't this make the perfect house warming present?

xx Sarah xx

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