Tuesday, 20 August 2013

T-Day: Wrap up warm GIVEAWAY - CLOSED

'big wave!' Oh hello there! Hi! ....and hello you there approaching SPRING! The sun is out shining  a lot more lately and the summer clothes are calling me name, BUT its still pesky cold in the shade, and as we all know here in NZ everything can change to a thunderstorm within the hour... I quite often get caught out with ye ol' change of season cold. NOT THIS YEAR! And neither shall you suffer either if you win this giveaway :-)
It's T-day again thanks to the lovely guys at Informal Tea, I have another bag of lovingly handmade loose leaf tea to giveaway...Alongside a lovingly handmade vintage fabric up-cycled scarf made by moi! :) Both are as snuggly and warm as each other and both shall help ward off them tricky sneak up on ya spring flu's n blues.
Check out the Informal Tea range over on their website here and leave a comment below on this post of your guess of which tea is in my pocket. Think warm and cosy, just like your new scarf, and the perfect accompaniment to NOT catching a cold this wintery/spring change of days. Winner will be selected from correct answers next T-day 27th. 


SEW LOVE hearing from you - thanks for stopping by! x

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