Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Waitakere Festival Crafting Pop Up

 Thanks to everyone who came by our crafting table at the Waitakere Festival on Sunday. It was really fun seeing the colourful creations that are now sent from the west. Great to meet new faces and see familiar ones again :-) Looking forward to doing some more westy pop ups again soon. xx

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Summer Essentials Series at The Bread & Butter Letter

Photo Creds: Bag, Shorts, Flower Crown, Blouse

A sewing class series to get you in your prime for the summer sunshine!

& we are heading back to sew underground, under The Bread & Butter Letter on K'Road.

Over 2 weekends you can make your own wardrobe for this summer! I've split the projects to one slightly more challenging, one slightly more easier to make so we can maximise our making time each day.and begin with something a little more simple first.

Saturday 9th & Sunday 10th 11-3pm $100pp
Crop tops & Oversized beach bags

Saturday 17th & 18th 11-3pm $100pp
Summer shorts & Flower crowns

All equipment, and SOME materials provided, vintage,retro & all 2nd hand.

Start your op shopping now to seek out your fav summer florals or polka dots to use. Plenty of fabric and linens to look out for - check out floral sheets, tablecloths, napkins etc. Or sort out your old t-shirts ready for a good cropping.


Some confidence on a machine required, but beginner sewers are welcome - you know our machines are super friendly! xx

Boutique class sizes so you can get lots of attention & assistance with your sewing. Secure your spot ASAP here

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Sew from Scratch in Ponsonby

You asked for it, here it is. and I must say, sorry it took sew long! :)
Starting Thursday November 7th
Our first Sew From Scratch workshop series 
Ponsonby Community Centre - on Ponsonby Terrace 
4 x Thursdays 6.30-8.30pm $80pp for the series
Email me for bookings - Boutique class size so lots of attention on you & your sewing
Class 1: Make friends with your machine!
Learning: Learn your machine, accessories/feet/bobbins, threading up, filling the bobbin, 
sewing straight lines. Top stitching, pivoting
Making: Tote bag
Class 2: Discover some extra skills - pretty, fun & useful!
Learning: Decorative stitches, zig zag applique, buttonholes & handsewing
Making: Cushion cover 
Class 3: Your very own handmade top!
Learning: Reading, cutting out a basic pattern and sewing together, sewing in darts, 
making bias binding, sewing curves.
Making: Sorbetto Top by Collette Patterns
Class 4: Never fear zips!
Learning: Inserting a zipper, sewing with a lining & a main fabric
Making: Zipper purse

UPCYLCE PARNELL: The Morning Sessions

Parnell Centre are having The Clan and I back for another 6 week course of up cycling! How grand! This time around we are doing day time classes and will be adding in some extra special Christmas making activities to get you ready for the silly & summery season that is nigh. You can read more about Parnell Centre community classes and register for this class via their website here. Beginner sewers are welcome, we cover basic machine greetings as The Clan are a pretty friendly bunch and love hanging out with newbee sewers. Here's what some of our recent grads from Upcycle Parnell had to say...

I'm loving this lovely up-cycling course - it gives me so much more confidence to try things, try new things, with someone there to come and help when I squeak. It's also a very awesome way to build confidence in using a sewing machine (and an overlocker) BEFORE buying one for myself. I now feel I might actually know how to use the one I will buy when I grow up.... Thanks Sarah! Jo Odds

I was impressed with the ideas and thoughts Sarah showed us, it was so interesting to use rcecyled materials and create your original items. I was inspired by the way we can live using recycled materials happily. Kyoko Crannitch

Monday, 14 October 2013

Special Project Class: Summer Essentials

I'm feeling all this sunshine! And after having one full sunday at home last weekend to craft outside in my bikini, it's got me re-sorting those shorts and summer frocks back to arms reach in the wardrobe. So I have crafted a bit of a brainstorm for a Summer Essentials Series of sewing workshops this November just in time for christmas festivities, and hopefully a long hot summer break! Fabric flower crowns, vintage crop top bustiers, and shorty shorts are the three on top of my list for a fun full Saturday workshop or two. What do you think Sew Lovers? :)

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Art Week Auckland: Textile Zines

Art Week Auckland is upon us and spending the day about K'Road on Saturday it sure was exciting to see the bustling crowds of creative activity (mostly vintage wearing too). From street art walking tours, to victory rolls and red lips in the arcade. Alleluya were cranking out the delish meals, and there was some sewing underground a happenin' too. Thanks to The Bread & Butter Letter for the great workshop space, and thanks K'Road Business Association for having me in to host a textile zine making workshop. Many had no idea what this might entail so thinking of a wee magazine, a zine, handmade by anybody, a story from anyone. Throw in a needle n thread instead of a pen and we were backstitching, blanket stitching & 'couching' up a storm around our grand communal table. Joy. Hello to all the newcomers to our Sew Love community, it was great to meet you all and share the table of fabric scraps around. Thank you to those who donated fabric and bits/bobs too. It was so nice to hear the crafty stories shared.
I was really inspired to see what came out of the two workshops. Such creativity and confidence on the sewing machines too! I'm keen to seek out more creativity where I can this week, thankfully this is just the beginning! There's a whole line up of events and interactive opportunities, head on over to Art Week Auckland to check out. Along K'Road there are some fantastic window installations look out for the LOOK signs. So, here's to our colourful creative city celebrating all things arty! Twas a great privilege to be a part of it all. And if you were one of the gorj crafters who came along to a workshop with me, I'd love to hear your feedback :) x

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Sewing School Holiday Programme at TYC

Some pics to share from last week's school holiday programme at Thames Youth Centre...Previously shared on our Facebook page but wanted to pop them on here too. I had such a blast all week, 9 tweens & teens, Youth Centre manager Kane, the clan of keen machines & I oh and 2 pups Rama & Asia xx. We made tons of tote bags out of pillowcases, fabric & bike tyre brooches, aprons, soft toys. Then I took everyone on a walking op shop tour (we are so lucky to have 4 on the same block) to hunt out some up cycling projects which we then spent all of friday re-working into awesomeness! The crew was so creative and ambitious with their projects. Always full of bright energy... I woke up early every day buzzing to get back to it. Hope to have some feedback to share from them all soon.
 All pics are taken on my phone...poor Mr Camera is awaiting surgery in camera hospital. Hope he comes back in one piece. If not, any ideas on a good decent camera with a lovely lens? Phone pics... more over on my instagram :-) xx bring on the next school holidays!!!!!

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Textile Zines at Art Week Auckland & NZ Herald Viva!

Auckland Art Week is coming up and my fav road of all time, Kroad!! is definitely a place to be. I'm taking oodles of fabric scraps and doing a textile zine making workshop thanks to the support of Kroad Business Association and Bread & Butter Letter for the sweet underground venue. & EPIC thanks to rad woman Laura Forest for getting me a spot to be involved. Word got around and before I knew it I was collating my 'favourite things' (SO much harder than one would think) and posing my bestest in front of a photographer (SO much harder than one would think) for NZ Herald Viva. 

I've been a Viva collector (begging dairy's and cafe's included) for a few years. I just so love love Wednesdays and getting a break to peruse delish great things of local fashion, beauty & food. I have been quoted to say, I wanna be in Viva, that day, I know I have made it! hahaa! Well you wouldn't believe the amazement when I got a call a week or so ago saying that Fashion Editor Zoe Walker wanted to speak to me. eeep!
Have I made it?

Well, I would still say no because my dreams keep on getting bigger & bigger, but I do want to say thank you to the family and friends who have supported me and encouraged me and put up with my looonngg hours that I have put in to making Sew Love dream happen this year. The last few weeks I have felt like I have 'made it' as I've actually been doing what I have put so many hours into planning to do. With lots of workshops & this holiday programme of awesomeness this week i'm so incredibly loving it and loving all the support thank you Sew Lovelys!!!! :) xxxx

If you didn't see yesterdays paper, you can check this Viva article online here.

p.s Sorry but we are totally booked out for the textile zine workshop, and a 2nd that we have arranged for the afternoon is completely full too. Sew.... I will have to arrange another one, perhaps a christmas special...? I'm thinking fabric christmas cards...

xx Sarah xx

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Mary Poppins meets Sound of Music...

Creative kids? Love creative times? ... Want a nanny who can come with the whole package in her giant handmade up-cycled tote bag much like Mary Poppins? Braiding and brooch making, paper craft and pom poms, collecting and collages? Recycling & rad times!! Yup, I'm your ladee!! 
I've really enjoyed my time this year as a trash 2 fashion tutor for the Auckland Schools, and have got such a buzz from the young ones who have come along to our recent sewing lounge pop ups and this week I am feeling spoilt getting to wake up every day and head on down to the local youth centre to crank some beats, and sew some treats with an awesome pack of young teens!

 I have been thinking though, hmm how do I  give more opportunities for creativity & green thinking for our young generation?? I thought, how bout going out there to the kids themselvesTime to shoosh up that ol' babysitter I used to be in my early 20's....and become the crafty nanny of 2013! Your pantry and your sky remote are all safe around me,  your family will be guaranteed fun, creative, colourful learning opportunities - and I bring all the smiles and tools! 

You know where to get in touch if this sounds like a good cup of tea for your family. xx
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