Saturday, 5 October 2013

Textile Zines at Art Week Auckland & NZ Herald Viva!

Auckland Art Week is coming up and my fav road of all time, Kroad!! is definitely a place to be. I'm taking oodles of fabric scraps and doing a textile zine making workshop thanks to the support of Kroad Business Association and Bread & Butter Letter for the sweet underground venue. & EPIC thanks to rad woman Laura Forest for getting me a spot to be involved. Word got around and before I knew it I was collating my 'favourite things' (SO much harder than one would think) and posing my bestest in front of a photographer (SO much harder than one would think) for NZ Herald Viva. 

I've been a Viva collector (begging dairy's and cafe's included) for a few years. I just so love love Wednesdays and getting a break to peruse delish great things of local fashion, beauty & food. I have been quoted to say, I wanna be in Viva, that day, I know I have made it! hahaa! Well you wouldn't believe the amazement when I got a call a week or so ago saying that Fashion Editor Zoe Walker wanted to speak to me. eeep!
Have I made it?

Well, I would still say no because my dreams keep on getting bigger & bigger, but I do want to say thank you to the family and friends who have supported me and encouraged me and put up with my looonngg hours that I have put in to making Sew Love dream happen this year. The last few weeks I have felt like I have 'made it' as I've actually been doing what I have put so many hours into planning to do. With lots of workshops & this holiday programme of awesomeness this week i'm so incredibly loving it and loving all the support thank you Sew Lovelys!!!! :) xxxx

If you didn't see yesterdays paper, you can check this Viva article online here.

p.s Sorry but we are totally booked out for the textile zine workshop, and a 2nd that we have arranged for the afternoon is completely full too. Sew.... I will have to arrange another one, perhaps a christmas special...? I'm thinking fabric christmas cards...

xx Sarah xx

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