Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Baby Shower Communal Crafting

 In the weekend I did my first baby shower crafting session. Each guest got to decorate a square using templates of images and a gorgeous pastel colour palette. All fabrics were 2nd hand cottons, mostly pillowcases a bit worse for wear around some areas but clear enough to cut out these squares. Fantastic! I just popped up a table with all the fabrics & equipment and Boris III and Barry were there sitting pretty for people to get friendly with. Others were hand sewing whilst champagne-ing on the deck, and cup caking on the couches. The food was incredible thanks to the hostess with the mostess Leigh & Janine. Mucho fun was had by all and we are so excited to be whipping up this quilt for the cute lil baby to be. If this sounds like you or something good for a pregnant friend, please get in touch. I would love to do this again & share the crafting with love.

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  1. Hi Sarah, Such a lovely idea. Alas there are no babies on my horizon or I would be very interested. Would still love to catch up sometime. I have some black sacs of fabrics left over from our garage sale and wondered if you would be interested in them for your projects. No charge of course they just need a good home where they might be put to good use. You have inspired me to try a new project of a skirt made from 3 op shop skirts cutting them up and joining them up together to fit me. will be putting it on my blog when done. A bit behind there at the moment. blessings, Trills


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