Thursday, 28 November 2013

feeling GOOD dressed in GOOD

For a recent special wedding event I wanted to craft a complete GOOD outfit. It was the first time going to something like this on my own, and I wanted to be truly me & true to me from tip to toe. Here it is folks, loads of different ways that you can do good, and wear good. I always believe we can vote with our wallets! Every time we purchase something, everytime we think about what we are going to wear (or eat, or drink too) We can have our say for what is fair, keep kiwi's in jobs, keep $ flowing locally, invest in a cause worth supporting, think about where this product has come from & WHO's hands it has gone through. Consumers have the power & hopefully we all have a little heart to add to this. 

 In Summary:  Shop vintage & 2nd hand! Shop local, small businesses! Shop organic cottons & ethically manufactured! Shop NZ made! Make it yourself! Upcycle! Borrow or schwop from a friend!

The outfit breakdown:
Headpiece: Black fabric flowers. Handmade at home from fabric scraps (offcuts from Kate Sylvester)
Dress: NZ eco fashion company Kowtow. Ethically manufactured using Fairtrade approved organic cotton & screen printed GOTS approved inks.
Belt: Monkey Fist Belt by The Knot Clothing. Locally made & sold in my home town.
Handbag: Vintage cassette case I use as a clutch. Purchased 2nd hand.
Sunnies: Vintage, purchased from NZ business Bread & Butter Letter who support local crafters.
Shoes: Kabuki Klompen by soulful NZ yoga clothing company We-ar. 'vegan shoe' handmade in Bali through ethical conditions using sustainable sourced wood & canvas.
Underwear: None other than thee most comfortable Thunderpants organic cotton & made in rural NZ
Bra: Black crop top borrowed from a friend.
 A few sneaky snaps from the wedding, it was at the beautiful Tapu water gardens. Cant wait for their pics. It was the most perfectly stunning day with full sunshine, full smiles & gorgeousness of the bridal party, complete with old school bus, ducklings and a 3 course meal. xx


  1. You look amazing!!! I love the shoes xx

  2. I love everything!!! Those shoes are amazing and I had that same cassette holder as a kid, although mine was red! The dress is beautiful too!


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