Sunday, 22 December 2013

Looking through a new lens

This year's been one epic adventure! Starting my business, my dream, changing relationship status, living town vs country lifestyle between AKL & Coro. I am so so grateful to have been supported so well from friends and family and you Sew Love-rs too I thank you immensely! 

I have met some incredible people this year, one in particular is the wonderful Laura Forest: Inspiring, encouraging & SO hardworking - She is a very caring soul, not just for other human beings but flowers and dogfaces too. She continually strives to uplift the arts community and is super supportive of new ventures like Sew Love. I am blessed to have such a friend, a cheerleader, and amazing homemade muesli maker!

The photos in this post are all taken by her lovely self. Amongst loads of amazing talents, her profession is a photographer and she's a beauty! Have a look at her website and Facebook then go prepare yourself for her amazing instagram feed. Laura & her partner Ed also have a blog together the chef and the photographer. Head on over asap to drool at the devine art on a plate.

Now you can see how talented this lovely lass is, You can imagine the nerves and the gratefulness I had as I got to spend a day with her shooting for up & coming Sew Love antics, and receiving great training on my new camera too. Feeling dressed as a cartoon rainbow we bundled up every ounce of colour that we could carry in baskets and totes, Laura was laden with tripod, camera, step ladder the lot. We manoeuvred our way through poo and freakin' crazy swan necks of Western Springs Park at 9am. To find our perfect meadow...
 You will see some pics soon as we have MUCHO EXCITING things to come in 2014... but here are a couple of  the outtakes from our morning. Laura Forest you are a star! One intelligent, creative, quirky soul who I am constantly inspired by in my work and life. Thank you xx
P.S. This skirt, I wore when I was 5yrs old for a jazz dance recital, the elastic waistband is still in great order.
Me & the lovely Laura at First Thursdays Fiesta recently. You're awesome girl! 
xx Sarah Sew Love xx

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