Thursday, 19 December 2013

Wrapping up Xmas by Recycling & Upcycling

It's an exciting time of year for everyone, especially lovers of craftyness me thinks. Don't give in to that so-called plastic fantasticness, glittery, shimmery shiny ribbons and bows, tinsel on your toes, speed shopping, speed wrapping, and screaming kids (I took one look at a mall because I had to and freaked out!) THIS XMAS try to stop and get in a true spirit of christmas, (try to) take time to think about family and friends, a time to be grateful for them, and to thank them with a beautiful treat that makes them smile and feel warm fuzzies. Opting for handmade & up-cycled gift giving keeps smiles all around. No need to make a dent on your wallet, nor on our beautiful mother earth.
I popped up an eco xmas wrapping station in St Kevins arcade last weekend. I was wrapping with sewing pattern tissue, wallpaper, old duraseal (that I always thought started with a 'J') cut into strips for tape, & strings of wool for ribbons. Doilys, and magazine clippings for adorning the present tops, some had pom poms instead of bows. Some small treats were just slotted into pre folded envelopes no tape necessary. I made these out of old retro wallpaper (a little quick and simple tute is coming soon)
Wrap: I love using old sewing patterns as tissue & the instructions as wrap, these are worse for wear (or incredibly uggllyyy patterns not destined to be used for sewing again (ofcourse I wouldn't cut up good sewing patterns now dont be silly!). Or try wallpaper, newspaper, patch up last years paper, fabric offcuts, totebags, pillowcases, floral sheets even?
Ribbon: Glossy plastic curly ribbon is what we're used to and usually throw it away, add some more handmade charm and texture by looking elsewhere to tie up your present. Use some wool or crochet thread from the op shop, gardners twine, or better yet some think strips of flax which you could compost after christmas. If you're good with your tying, you may get away without any cello tape! fantastic!
Gift tags: You can make these out of any offcuts of card (last years cards?) or paper, perhaps write on a paper doily, or colour in a piece of paper with crayons and pencils. Clippings from newspapers & magazines are great resources too. Go colourful retro & vintage for a good laugh. I found these recipe cards, Instead of glueing plain paper on the backs I have hole punched them and punched a (recycled) metal eyelit in to secure scrap paper on the reverse to write on. The receiver can still read & use the recipe should they wish to.
Gift Bags: Sometimes with a collection of sorts its easier to pop things in a gift bag instead of wrapping. I used to get chocolates, trinkets, a hanky etc from nanna in a chocolate box every year. I loved it. Instead of opting for the mass produced snowman glossy bag that has strings that break as soon as you throw in a bottle of wine... maybe you could make your own pouch or bag like these. I've taken pages from books, and using pinking shears trimmed one side of the opening so you can see the opening, and sewed down the three other sides. (ok probably wont hold you bottle of wine, but everything else just fine)
So go forth and eco-wrap little beauties :-) Have a loooveelly christmas, and as you unwrap your pressies have a think whether you could use that twine again, that wrapping? or string that giftcard some where pretty? MERRY MERRY CHEERY CHRISTMAS! xx Sarah xx

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  1. Love your wrapping ideas! They look super cute. :-)

    I'm a huge fan of reusing wrapping paper - it's a bit of a family tradition. I think we've got a few pieces that have been used every Christmas for the past 5-6 years, which seems about the maximum number of times before the paper isn't any good any more.... It's kinda nice unwrapping paper with memories of Christmases past. :-)


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