Tuesday, 28 January 2014

MEET THE TEAM for Sew Some love at SPLORE!

I am sew very excited to have some talented folk joining me to host our pop up at Splore this year. It is my privilege to introduce to you the creative cats that are hosting the sewing, crafting costume making tent SEW SOME LOVE at Splore 2014. Join us over here.
Erin Ellis is a typographer and illustrator with a specialty in hand drawn lettering. Originally from the Jersey Shore, she has lived in Baltimore, Pittsburgh, and San Francisco. Here in Auckland she freelances and teaches lettering workshops, sharing her spirit and skill. She finds endless inspiration in natural forms, and can be found wandering the city admiring old signage, or in the wilderness (or your front yard) snipping flower specimens to draw. She's passionate about reimagining natural materials, encouraging love and respect for our environment. She's looking forward to creative collaboration and learning from other amazing minds at Splore.

Laura Forest is a professional photographer and artist known for her ethereal way of capturing moments in time. She also documents social, environmental and cultural projects that give back to the community. She is inspired by natural forms, materials and landscapes. Before turning full-time to photography, she forged pathways for community development in the arts sector by day. By night, she created individual jewellery pieces from found objects and recycled silver. She doesn't know how not to be passionate and dedicated to the things that matter the most. She is looking forward to the way Splore weaves creative people, artwork and diversity into a stunning landscape.

Emily Cater loves to draw. In the corner of my bedroom, Millicent Crow HQ, I turn my drawings into gocco prints, screenprints, cards, bunting, pouches, stamps and badges, which I sell through my business Millicent Crow.  I get a lot of my inspiration from the past and love finding photographs of people’s ancestors abandoned in op shops – I often use these photos as starting points for my drawings.  Finding new uses for old materials is important to me and you might find an old blanket being given a new life as a backing for one of my brooches, or one of my pouches lined with a vintage sheet.  I’m looking forward to being able to do some recycling magic at Splore and to help people embrace their creativity!

Sew, bring your costumes, bring some fabric, bring your straw hat to pimp out with some colour. Come join a workshop, come say hello, and remember you can RSVP first over here!

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