Sunday, 30 March 2014

Back in the s(e)wing! of things

 It's been a long time since I shared some sewing projects. Slash... Since I started and completed some sewing projects to share! Sorry! I feel it's important to share examples of up-cycling textiles and I have made it my goal to set aside some time away from 'admin' and back into the sewing room. I have been meaning to get back onto some of the great Indie Patterns that we are so lucky to grace this universe. I have had my eye on the sweet sweet Laurel for a while amongst some others from Colette Patterns. Check out the pinterest collection its big bright and beautiful.
In my first Laurel I used a nice thin cotton for the body which was donated by Debbi of Vesta Clothing. I lined it with a white sheet (the remainder of another project). The sleeves are cut from pillow slips, or actually the scraps of pillow slips from a tote bag project. At one point the sleeve got mysteriously caught up in my overlocker and of course cut a big slit across the I see some mending is needed before I even get to wear it! Essentially the materials for this project were 100% free, and 100% recycled.
So I went back for more. I cut 3 Laurels out this morning, and aimed to finish a dress and the top. I really enjoy button up backs (that and I didn't have another zip handy) so I added on a little facing to each side to sew in the buttons and holes. I love these buttons they're navy and gold with little shields. I like what they add to the nautical stripes of the fabric. This fabric was a bit thicker so no need to line it. The blue contrasting cuffs were leftovers from another project. Just the perfect amount square to cut these out too. I love it when that happens! What do you think tucked in? or left out? Its nice to wear something a bit looser fitted. I feel like there is room to eat in this one :) 100% recycled, $2 for fabrics.
Sister Elna had a good day today bless her. 
Stay tuned for Laurel Numero TRES! A yummy floral sheet re-make.

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