Monday, 31 March 2014

The Wellington Sewing Bloggers Rocket

As I sat in the park by Katherine Mansfield statue as I was told to. Intensley studying a little pocket 'good shit' map I was recently handed. I excitedly (actually anxiously) waited for a sew-y lunch date with some famous ladies. How on earth will I know them when I see them? I've been slack in blogland lately so their faces not totally fresh in my mind...this place is full of people. Feels like EVERYONE on Lambton Quay has lunch in this park. I hope they might recognise me. I shuffle my highlighter yellow shoes. Noting the person across the park bench is staring at my socks. Perhaps I will text them. Im wearing yellow shoes and blue pants!
Thanks for the photo Sandra xx
Punctual, and energetic four smiling chirpy hello's bound right up to me in gorgeous colourful frocks of all patterns and style. Are you Sarah?? they ask. My lunch dates. Have. Arrived! We bid farewell to the grey suits white shirts and the person staring at my sock & shoe combo. 
We headed for a place where the girls were on first named basis and we got extra toast dosage. 
Sewing patterns were passed around and we ooed and ahhd at Kats new blue 'do'. 
I was completely blown away by the pace as to which these ladies sew, and talk about sewing. Sew freaking exciting. They knew nearly every indie pattern off by heart as they rattled of recommendations for a speedy post work - pre husbano home sewing sesh. And I was spoilt with a lengthy list of must see crafty destinations around Wellington. Inspiring is not a cool enough word for this. 
A rocket up my butt in the sewing department is definitely what they gave me. 
Mel, Nikki, SandraKat are more formerly known as 4 from the larger Wellington Sewing Bloggers Network .. But what I saw and was so lucky to experience is 4 friendly friends who work near each other, and all love to sew, sew very much and all love to have a great laugh together over lunch (or breakfast at 7.30am sorry i didnt make it gals xx). What a beautiful thing. I wish there was something like this further up the island. 
I was ALSO so lucky to indulge in some photo taking - back out amongst the grey charcoals in the park. Boy was this so much more fun with friends than on ones own. Sandra had her new dress on. & I had made pants especially for the welly trip 'capri's in 3' I have called them, they're self drafted and in need of a re-draft I must say. 100% rescued fabric - the blue is covered in black sketchy roses.
 Thank you so much for a great meet up ladies xxxxx until next time ... 


  1. And we loved meeting you too! It was great fun, our first guest and we enjoyed showing you our sewing city! You're welcome anytime. Perhaps we should try to make our way up your way?
    Your capris are great. The colour was perfect to match in with our colourful frocks. Can't wait to see you again!

  2. Oh wow, I am so glad you enjoyed meeting us, we loved having you visit :) I guess I forget how lucky I am to have so many great sewing friends (in Welly and all over the world) I love how sewing brings us together. It's funny to read how we look from the outside - a bit crazy and hopped up on the sew-drug ;) You are always welcome to look us up whenever you visit xx

  3. It was great to meet you too Sarah. Afterwards I thought your head might be spinning as we did talk VERY fast.

  4. I didn't know your blog until I got the call for lunch but couldn't make it! I'm glad you had a great time! And only four of us? Imagine what a dozen is like :)

    1. Imagine what 28 of us are like! ;) Haha

  5. I remember my first meet up with the WSBN - people I could talk to about SEWING! Who knew things and wanted to talk about fabric, and notions, and patterns! Bliss. I'm up in Northland for a few months so unable to come (plus I don't work in the CBD so usually can't make the lunch dates) but it sounds like it was heaps of fun.
    But where are you in NZ - surely something similar could be organised??

  6. Hello, I'm sorry I couldn't come either, as I can't get away from the shop for lunch on the days I'm there. Looking at your photos though, I do recall seeing a pair of trousers with that zip closure on the back, so I'm wondering if maybe you did pay me a visit at Made it without me realising!
    Would love to meet you next time you're in Welly.
    Elisabeth xx

    1. Hi Elsabeth, yes I came into Made It - one of my favourite stores in Welly :-) Sorry I shouldve braved up and chatted a bit more. (though I didnt know it was you either!) xx next time. There WILL be a next time


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