Thursday, 24 April 2014

Who made your clothes?

Today April 24th is Fashion Revolution Day. It's been 1 year since the Rana Plaza factory collapse in Bangladesh and today we remember those who lost their lives, and those injured, orphaned, and the families who now have that burden on them. The truth is: Fast fashion is never cheap, somebody pays a big price for it somewhere.  Today is all about asking the question:
Check out Fashion Revolution for more!
I know where my shoes are made, they are made in Bali under regulated conditions under an ethical manufacturing initiative by Wear Clothing. They're a NZ small business, and Jyoti Morningstar is the owner. She is a warm spirited person who cares for sustainability, fair and ethical rights for all. 

Meanwhile, the denim jeans i've cut to shorts (XLNT) are made in China as per the label. But the shirt (Lady's Fashion) and the jacket (Florida Adams) don't even say where they're made!?! Its worth noting however, I bought all of these 2nd hand, the blazer has a ripped lining so it was $2, the shirt &shorts were part of a fill-a-bag-for-$5 bargain. I am a firm believer that there are economical options to feel good wearing sustainable fashion. So opting for chain stores purely on their price tag is not good enough in my books. Think WHO made this? WHERE was this made? in WHAT conditions?
So turn yourself inside out, take some pictures and join this social media campaign
 #insideout #whomadeyourclothes #fashionrevolution #ethicalfashion #ranaplaza 

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  1. I always know where my clothes are made - in my sewing room! - great to see people asking the question about clothes, but I'd also like to see more information about fabrics. Tracing the origins of the fabric I buy is often imposible


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