Monday, 19 May 2014

Sew Lovely News Flash!!

They've warned me and named me a 'hoarder' ...the garage has been overrun with textiles, trims, threads, and sewing machines by the half doz. Though I have always had big dreams for all this collecting and collating. Finally i’ve dotted the I’s and crossed the T’s...
I can finally share with you all some fab news for Sew Love Tea Do! 
A Sew Lovely space in Auckland's CBD!
I have loved being mobile, doing market pop ups, festivals and evening community classes...and all this  doesn't have to stop... but I have been yearning for a place to make sew lovely and not have to pack up into suitcases at the end of the day... Now, much like I always read in frankie stories 'our dream lease came up and we had to grab the opportunity with gusto' !!
A space that welcomes everyone from newbees to savvy seamstresses, you can pop in and rent some time on one of our friendly sewing machines to hem up an op shopped dress, or start a new project from scratch. We will have oodles of 2nd hand fabrics and trims buttons and things for sale to upcycle your cardi or coat and there is an exciting line up of evening workshops being crafted together. Sewcial, sustainable & full of smiles :)
Its a dream come true to plan, design decorate and craft in a communal sewing lounge and there's a lot of work to be done between now and opening, exciting things like..building tables out of doors! In the meantime I want to welcome everyones ideas, requests for a class? requests for music? perhaps you have some fabric you might like to donate, or some up-cycled products you might like to sell? 
Get in touch and join the Sew Love community!
I hope this news brings some excitement, eagerness to sew, and joy to your crafty hearts!

Stay tuned…Opening in June!!

Community centre classes will still be happening with Upcycle Mairangi Bay starting Tuesday 20th May 
and Upcycle Parnell starting on Thursday 29th May. See the Workshops & Classes page.


  1. I am so excited by this!! I just moved to Auckland a couple of months ago, and this kind of idea is fantastic! With regards to music, maybe something like Pandora would be good to have playing, so people can just suggest artists and sort of shape the music station as they go?

    If you need a hand with anything, give me a shout, I have some spare time on my hands occasionally and I'd love to help out :)

  2. Sew Many Dresses22 May 2014 at 17:44

    This is so exciting, cant wait to come along and sew amongst all that loveliness. p.s i want to be in your garage right now ha ha :) Nikki x

  3. YAY! I cannot wait to come in and see your new place!


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