Saturday, 7 June 2014

Sew Love Opening Eve..

Last night this happened..
I wanted to thank my incredible supportive family and friends who have housed me, fed me, encouraged me, advised me and mentored me throughout the whole amazing process to get to this place of opening sewing lounge doors. I had one little request of everyone though, they had to help paint the sign up on the window. My friends Emily and Sam from The Bitter Years were background folky sounds - they were so perfect. Special thanks to Phil, Tom & Rhi for being on cameras the whole night getting all these great pics. Although I have a chainsaw throat from so much smiling and talking (like thats new or something?!) I got to bed late, but so full of aroha. I can't believe it, the doors are officially open !! yahoo !! And the lovely Knitographer Jo just did this sweet post.
.....and you can find the rest on instagram over here.  I had a fabulous friend being my social media superstar for the eve. 
Rhianon you rule, thankee xx


  1. It was such a lovely opening Sarah, congratulations!

  2. oh, beautiful. boatloads and basketfuls of congratulations!!!


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