Friday, 2 October 2015

Sew Love on TOUR !!

There's some changes happening around these parts! Sew Love the sewing lounge only has a few weeks left in St Kevins Arcade. There's a bunch of redevelopments happening in our hood and ive taken the nudge to grab the next big dream for Sew Love.
and thats taking it COUNTRY-WIDE across NZ!! in the first of its kind....


...but we cant quite stitch a bus together with a whole pile of needles and thread. we need a little help!

I love that every week we have another 5 tote bags walk out the door from a workshop here at Sew Love, but could you imagine 500 or 5000 walking out of supermarkets around the countryside?! thats a lot less plastic bags being used, being discared, and ending up on our beaches or in trees pretending to be flowers. no sir ree - lets get amongst this tote bag revolution!

So NZ, this summer we are coming for you with workshops and seaside pop ups, and not only that, in the spirit of sharing learning and inspiring community folk we will be documenting the journey to tell the awesome story of NZ lands through sewing and sustainability.

hey there NZ folk, sing out if you want the Sew Love truck to visit your town, you could pledge and pre-book a sewcial, wardrobe evaluation or smorey sleepout for when we come to your hood!

and kia ora International folk, if you want to watch a webseries of our beautiful countryside through an op shop loving, sewing, eco-warrior perspective you can pledge too and help us on the road.

Check out the video above to find out more and meet some of the lovely Sew Love community. Please tell your aunties, uncles, neighbours and friends - we want everyone and anyone to be able to have a go on a machine, take time out to be creative, and feel empowered to make, and make a difference to our beautiful planet. 

Pledge and nab yourself some of our sew lovely rewards over HERE

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Everybody loves the SUNSHINE + a sewlovely PODCAST

AMAZING Illustration by Emile Holmewood of BloodBros - courtesy of The Wireless NZ and The Watercooler NZ
Hello Sew Lovelies, its been QUIET to say the least around this here blog front, but worthy of a blog note now is HARK! Im taking a wee holiday. I had been hoping to find a time to allow myself this, and trying to justify it in my head, to myself, to you guys. But yes I HAVE been working pretty darn harrrrddd and I am so looking forward to heading over to the Sunshine Coast to spend some time with my sister (and my other sister the sun!). I *might* even not take my social meds devices with me.... just togs in the backpack and my SLR no doubt. So, Sew Love will officially be closed for approx 2 weeks after this Sunday 23rd (scheduled workshops are running as per usual in this time).

AND should you miss the sound of my voice HA HA ....
There's a special podcasty thang over here about loving life here in Sew Love on Kroad. Similarly to The Moth in San Fransisco, Auckland has The Watercooler, an awesome evening of story telling, so follow the link and click around to find more. But seriously people that illustration!?! amazing St Kevins Arcade has become a sewing machine hehe LOVE IT.

See you on the other side beautiful people ~ !
Sarah Sew Love xx

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Winter Warm Up in the city

We're really excited to be bringing a whole lot of community and crafty warmth to the city centre this winter. We are kicking off the month long Winter Warm Up pop up on World Wide Knit In Public Day with a YARN BOMBING day, which is essentially snuggly colourful graffiti through knitting and stitching...

Come join us Saturday 13th 10-4pm I have ordered A TONNnn of cookies from neighbouring Moustache Milk & Cookie Bar and will have all the kettles whirring making you tea. Now, did I mention FREE YARN? Yes you can de-stash all you want, but we want to make this easy for you so we're supplying all the acrylic (best for the outdoors) yarn so all you need to bring is your needles (if you have some already) and a mug for your tea.

You're sew welcome to just rock on up as you please, but RSVP's are great over here, and share with your friends, nanas and knitty neighbours

Following this day we have a programme of free evening workshops 6-8pm for the 4 thursdays of the pop up...
Thursday 18th June: Mending with Sarah (BYO rips and together we can handstitch them better)
Thursday 25th June: Darning with Sarah (BYO holey socks and jerseys and learn the art of darning)
Thursday 2nd July: Knitting with Frankie (BYO knitting project, & beginners welcome of course)
Thursday 9th July: Knitting with Frankie (BYO knitting project, & beginners welcome of course)

Every lunchtime 12-2pm monday - friday we will line up a rainbow of comfy cushions and thermoses of tea, can someone teach me how to shuffle cards? and i'll teach you a stitch or two... If you work in the city or are passing through, come and join us for a lunch break amongst the rainbows.

We are grateful for the support and ideas of Auckland Council - BIG thanks to them for helping make our city more liveable and loveable.

So here's a wee square for you to screenshot and share about. Remember to #whatwarmsmywinter

Monday, 20 April 2015

Super Crafters of the Week: Gabby & Sahar!

This weeks superstars are in fact crafty cats who instead of sewing just simply knotted their fabric together to make their amazing masterpiece. Gabby & Sahar two friends who came into Sew Love late one evening (we are open till 6 for anyone seeking an afterwork craft). The premise: Making an amazing photobooth for a 30th birthday! Such a clever idea!

Name: Gabby & Sahar

Project: Framing the Mighty Waitemata Harbour for a 30th 

Materials sourced from: Gabby’s folding clothes rack (spray painted a thematic sea foam green) and scraps from Sew Love 

How long have you been crafting for: G: Crafty for a wee while now - I try to have a solid Halloween and Splore costume every year.  I have sewn once in my life and am hoping to remedy that. S: I am not very crafty (with fabric I mean) but I appreciate the sentiment of the whole thing.  I have always wanted to learn growing up as I watched my gran pull tricks on her industrial machine. 

What do you enjoy most about crafting: G: Repetition and Meditation!  also gossip with Sahar. S:Seeing the finished product.
Did you learn anything extra at Sew Love?  G: No waste ethos - I would have ordinarily thrown all those scraps away but now my furniture and bike are better off for them. S: About a women’s circle someone was rushing off to. I heard Maya Angelou talk about one she’s part of and am pleased to hear they exist. Girl power!

and here it is sitting darn pretty at the birthday soiree!
nb: ...30 turns to 31 with one quick little breath of air.

Monday, 13 April 2015

Open Streets Pop Up

Sunday was an epic fun day down on the waterfront of Auckland. We took oodles of fabric scraps and teamed up with our ol' neighbours and eco-warrior friends Gen Zero to host the bike decorating workshop space... Sew Love Your Bike!  It was sew lovely to see friends, kiddies, families all getting together to pimp their bikes, scooters and even a dog leash! We also were spreading the word about the Bike Rave coming up in May. A giant group night ride from Mission Bay to Silo Park with lights lights lights and brights. And music. Its gonna be fun!
 Thanks to all who came by and got creative in our space it was overwhelmingly awesome to see so many people wheeling and walking around in that space. How great would it be if that strip was a shared zone all the time! Looking forward to more scraptastic pop ups. #sewlove #zerowaste #bikeraveAKL #openstreets 

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Superstar Sewer of the week: Laura!

Laura, or as I have taken to calling this superstar: Giddey! Has become a dear friend over the last year since we met, and I look forward to our weekly cake dates at Sew Love where we usually eat cake and talk boys then she empties a bag of new old dresses and proceeds to hack off sleeves and hems, and smiles in protest to my encouragement to neaten all the edges thoroughly. However, this last dress I am SO SO proud of her for doing such an extra awesomely amazing job! A plain-ish vintage frock no more, Giddey said it needed 'something else' and set to work after we brainstormed a few options. Extra points here for minimising waste by using the hem offcut to add features... Bows to the shoulder straps, a detachable tie and a new hem& amazing what a little scalloped lace trim can do!

Name: Laura Giddey 
Project: Upcycled dress. 
Material sourced from: The dress was my old flatmate's nanna's which I was given in a bag of clothes to rifle through. I liked the print, the pockets, and the neck detail, but the length wasn't great and it needed something else.
How long have you been sewing for: I've only been sewing for a year or so properly at Sew Love but I remember making some terrible boxer shorts at Sewing Tech at school. 
What do you enjoy most about sewing: I enjoy looking for bargains that can be refashioned and I enjoy the satisfaction of learning a new skill in sewing! 
Did you learn anything extra at sew love? Sarah is a great brainstorm partner at Sew Love. We had a few ideas before settling on this one. She explains things well and then just let's you try it.

Go Giddey! Your finest work out me thinks! xx

Saturday, 28 March 2015

Mit Makeover!

I've been staring at our super old ugly hori as looking oven mit for too many nights now. 
It was time for a remake. & instead of buying new, AND instead of making new and throwing this one away. 
I washed him up ready for some fresh new clothes. Swish! #zerowaste .. A little baking motivation for me maybe?

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Ecowest Festival: Mend & Make Do

Isn't this one of the most BEAUTIFUL sewing machines you ever did see??!!?? An old school Brother, shining in all it's glory. 

We had a fun fabulous time at Ecomatters for our Mend & Make Do night. The room was full to the brim with old clothes desperate for patching, smiles, good chat, pizza and whirring of machines. We had been given some boxes of sample clothing which all have holes cut in them on the backsides mainly so they can't be on-sold. But heck, lets not throw these in the trash, with a few re-hems, and contrasting patches found we saved a whole bunch of useful clothing from being buried in our earth! ahh feels so good! 

I had 2 blouses with crazy big sleeve rips so twas a simple unpick and re-sew around the armholes TOO EASY! Charlotte turned a baggy jumper into a cropped one with simple handstitching, and Lina took to 2 pairs of pants and now has snazzy shorts. Jersey holes were covered up, curtains were even sewn, a blazer has some retro new features, and a silk blouse had some very attentive love and care.

We hope to do this evening again at Ecomatters so keep an eye on their facebook page for upcoming events. There is also an array of radsticks events as part of Ecowest festival happening so have squizz over there for more. Until then, lets opt to #rethink #remake.

And just remember those trims and offcuts can all be re-used too.
Patch other garments, fabric flowers, or use as stuffing in draught excluders, pet beds, or mix in with stuffing a soft toy.

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Superstar Sewer of the Week: Kate!

The beaming smile of Kate is always a welcome sight as she bounds into Sew Love giggling with a story or two to share. I first met Kate at Splore 2014 in our Sew Some Love tent, fabric flowers were being tucked into her amazing locks. Kate joined our Summer Sundress series on thursday evenings and she tackled a new dress pattern. Recently she popped in one weekend afternoon and sat down her zooming plan to whip up a fabulous twirling skirt. Within an hour Kate measured, chalked, cut and overlocked her skirt. Fan-freakin-tastic!

Name: Kate Macintosh
Project: Twirly skirt
Materials sourced from: Geoff's Emporium Dominion Rd
How long have you been sewing for? My very first time on a sewing machine was in form 2 technology classes with Mrs Ofosa, Mum supplemented these lessons when I became more interested in making my own clothes at Uni.
What do you enjoy most about sewing? Making clothes exactly as I like them, perfectly suited to me for me. 
Did you learn anything extra at Sew Love? How to use an overlocker - this machine is the best invention ever! 

Thanks Sarah for all your help with making the perfect dancing skirt 

Monday, 9 March 2015

Superstar sewer of the week! Jo Cole

Its time to celebrate some of the superstar sewers that we are so lucky to meet in at Sew Love. Its such a thrill having people walk on in with a project in mind and getting to know them through their cutting and sewing, lending a hand where needed. So please meet our first superstar sewer...JO COLE. I met Jo at our Upcycle Parnell course when I was teaching there through winter 2014. She was curious and bright and her chipper English banter kept our class laughing (and ever since meeting up for dinner and craft days!) A wonderful spirit to have visit the sewing lounge, and here she is tackling her first shirt ever for her lucky boyfriend!

Name: Jo Cole
Project: Colette Patterns Negroni man's shirt
Materials sourced from: Sew Love

How long have you been sewing for: I learnt to sew at high school, where I was taught by a super scary teacher. Thankfully she didn't deter me! I lost inspiration over the last few (lost) years but Sarah's up-cycling class reignited my passion to make things.

What do you enjoy most about sewing: Sewing allows me to express my creativity (unlike my day job!) and gives me the inspiration to live a more sustainable life.

Did you learn anything extra at sew love? I learnt that not all sewing teachers are scary! The whole process of making a shirt was unfamiliar to me when I started. It was quite intimidating but Sarah and Rosie held my hand all the way to the finish line.

Sarah has taught me that even the biggest, most intimidating projects can be achieved with determination and a helping hand. 
The Sew Love sewing lounge is a fun and supportive environment to learn new skills and make friends.

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Never too late to say Happy New Year !?!

Indeed I am aware it’s the END OF FEBRUARY BEGINNING OF MARCH So this comes with much gratitude for your patience whilst I had some long awaited time off from the shop in Jan, and since being back tackling the busy new year sewing schedule at Sew Love. Summer alterations are flying in the door, i've been sewing 100's of metres of bunting, we've had a few pop up events and sewers are excitedly getting their make and mend on! I have however neglected to keep up with blogging, it is indeed a challenge to juggle everything. BUT you can check out our instagram feed for the visual story over the past wee while.
Sew Love HQ opened again on the 13th Jan, and I thank you for your patience oh lovely sewers who came by the store while we were closed up.  2015 will bring some exciting new adventures big and small! I am sew looking forward to rolling out new features to our website and new experiences for you all to share with Sew Love.. I may even have new hair....! 
Our first classes of 2015 have been booked up & it’s exciting to see new years sewing resolutions coming into fruition so early! 
Go you guys! We are rolling out our back to back Sew From Scratch series for those who are starting 2015 with the LEARN TO SEW mission. Check out our WORKSHOP SCHEDULE for all our workshops. 
We are always open to new ideas too so keep them coming we want to know what you want to make. 
I was just perusing Penny's selection of new patterns over at Dresses and Me (and she is having a summer sale!) 
See our beautiful recent Sew From Scratch grads here below: Always ALWAYS mucho proud! x
We also had our first Sewcial on friday night just passed, the fan was on full blast as 8 of us shimmied around each other and the iron having a good time with lots of projects on the go. Our sewcials will now be monthly, so keep your eye out come end of March if you would like to join in the antics. Our Facebook page is usually kept up to date with reminders

I hope to show face a bit more around here, but please bare with, a new look Sew Love is currently in the making xx
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