Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Ecowest Festival: Mend & Make Do

Isn't this one of the most BEAUTIFUL sewing machines you ever did see??!!?? An old school Brother, shining in all it's glory. 

We had a fun fabulous time at Ecomatters for our Mend & Make Do night. The room was full to the brim with old clothes desperate for patching, smiles, good chat, pizza and whirring of machines. We had been given some boxes of sample clothing which all have holes cut in them on the backsides mainly so they can't be on-sold. But heck, lets not throw these in the trash, with a few re-hems, and contrasting patches found we saved a whole bunch of useful clothing from being buried in our earth! ahh feels so good! 

I had 2 blouses with crazy big sleeve rips so twas a simple unpick and re-sew around the armholes TOO EASY! Charlotte turned a baggy jumper into a cropped one with simple handstitching, and Lina took to 2 pairs of pants and now has snazzy shorts. Jersey holes were covered up, curtains were even sewn, a blazer has some retro new features, and a silk blouse had some very attentive love and care.

We hope to do this evening again at Ecomatters so keep an eye on their facebook page for upcoming events. There is also an array of radsticks events as part of Ecowest festival happening so have squizz over there for more. Until then, lets opt to #rethink #remake.

And just remember those trims and offcuts can all be re-used too.
Patch other garments, fabric flowers, or use as stuffing in draught excluders, pet beds, or mix in with stuffing a soft toy.

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