Monday, 20 April 2015

Super Crafters of the Week: Gabby & Sahar!

This weeks superstars are in fact crafty cats who instead of sewing just simply knotted their fabric together to make their amazing masterpiece. Gabby & Sahar two friends who came into Sew Love late one evening (we are open till 6 for anyone seeking an afterwork craft). The premise: Making an amazing photobooth for a 30th birthday! Such a clever idea!

Name: Gabby & Sahar

Project: Framing the Mighty Waitemata Harbour for a 30th 

Materials sourced from: Gabby’s folding clothes rack (spray painted a thematic sea foam green) and scraps from Sew Love 

How long have you been crafting for: G: Crafty for a wee while now - I try to have a solid Halloween and Splore costume every year.  I have sewn once in my life and am hoping to remedy that. S: I am not very crafty (with fabric I mean) but I appreciate the sentiment of the whole thing.  I have always wanted to learn growing up as I watched my gran pull tricks on her industrial machine. 

What do you enjoy most about crafting: G: Repetition and Meditation!  also gossip with Sahar. S:Seeing the finished product.
Did you learn anything extra at Sew Love?  G: No waste ethos - I would have ordinarily thrown all those scraps away but now my furniture and bike are better off for them. S: About a women’s circle someone was rushing off to. I heard Maya Angelou talk about one she’s part of and am pleased to hear they exist. Girl power!

and here it is sitting darn pretty at the birthday soiree!
nb: ...30 turns to 31 with one quick little breath of air.

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