Sunday, 22 March 2015

Superstar Sewer of the Week: Kate!

The beaming smile of Kate is always a welcome sight as she bounds into Sew Love giggling with a story or two to share. I first met Kate at Splore 2014 in our Sew Some Love tent, fabric flowers were being tucked into her amazing locks. Kate joined our Summer Sundress series on thursday evenings and she tackled a new dress pattern. Recently she popped in one weekend afternoon and sat down her zooming plan to whip up a fabulous twirling skirt. Within an hour Kate measured, chalked, cut and overlocked her skirt. Fan-freakin-tastic!

Name: Kate Macintosh
Project: Twirly skirt
Materials sourced from: Geoff's Emporium Dominion Rd
How long have you been sewing for? My very first time on a sewing machine was in form 2 technology classes with Mrs Ofosa, Mum supplemented these lessons when I became more interested in making my own clothes at Uni.
What do you enjoy most about sewing? Making clothes exactly as I like them, perfectly suited to me for me. 
Did you learn anything extra at Sew Love? How to use an overlocker - this machine is the best invention ever! 

Thanks Sarah for all your help with making the perfect dancing skirt 

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