Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Superstar Sewer of the week: Laura!

Laura, or as I have taken to calling this superstar: Giddey! Has become a dear friend over the last year since we met, and I look forward to our weekly cake dates at Sew Love where we usually eat cake and talk boys then she empties a bag of new old dresses and proceeds to hack off sleeves and hems, and smiles in protest to my encouragement to neaten all the edges thoroughly. However, this last dress I am SO SO proud of her for doing such an extra awesomely amazing job! A plain-ish vintage frock no more, Giddey said it needed 'something else' and set to work after we brainstormed a few options. Extra points here for minimising waste by using the hem offcut to add features... Bows to the shoulder straps, a detachable tie and a new hem& amazing what a little scalloped lace trim can do!

Name: Laura Giddey 
Project: Upcycled dress. 
Material sourced from: The dress was my old flatmate's nanna's which I was given in a bag of clothes to rifle through. I liked the print, the pockets, and the neck detail, but the length wasn't great and it needed something else.
How long have you been sewing for: I've only been sewing for a year or so properly at Sew Love but I remember making some terrible boxer shorts at Sewing Tech at school. 
What do you enjoy most about sewing: I enjoy looking for bargains that can be refashioned and I enjoy the satisfaction of learning a new skill in sewing! 
Did you learn anything extra at sew love? Sarah is a great brainstorm partner at Sew Love. We had a few ideas before settling on this one. She explains things well and then just let's you try it.

Go Giddey! Your finest work out me thinks! xx

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