Monday, 20 April 2015

Super Crafters of the Week: Gabby & Sahar!

This weeks superstars are in fact crafty cats who instead of sewing just simply knotted their fabric together to make their amazing masterpiece. Gabby & Sahar two friends who came into Sew Love late one evening (we are open till 6 for anyone seeking an afterwork craft). The premise: Making an amazing photobooth for a 30th birthday! Such a clever idea!

Name: Gabby & Sahar

Project: Framing the Mighty Waitemata Harbour for a 30th 

Materials sourced from: Gabby’s folding clothes rack (spray painted a thematic sea foam green) and scraps from Sew Love 

How long have you been crafting for: G: Crafty for a wee while now - I try to have a solid Halloween and Splore costume every year.  I have sewn once in my life and am hoping to remedy that. S: I am not very crafty (with fabric I mean) but I appreciate the sentiment of the whole thing.  I have always wanted to learn growing up as I watched my gran pull tricks on her industrial machine. 

What do you enjoy most about crafting: G: Repetition and Meditation!  also gossip with Sahar. S:Seeing the finished product.
Did you learn anything extra at Sew Love?  G: No waste ethos - I would have ordinarily thrown all those scraps away but now my furniture and bike are better off for them. S: About a women’s circle someone was rushing off to. I heard Maya Angelou talk about one she’s part of and am pleased to hear they exist. Girl power!

and here it is sitting darn pretty at the birthday soiree!
nb: ...30 turns to 31 with one quick little breath of air.

Monday, 13 April 2015

Open Streets Pop Up

Sunday was an epic fun day down on the waterfront of Auckland. We took oodles of fabric scraps and teamed up with our ol' neighbours and eco-warrior friends Gen Zero to host the bike decorating workshop space... Sew Love Your Bike!  It was sew lovely to see friends, kiddies, families all getting together to pimp their bikes, scooters and even a dog leash! We also were spreading the word about the Bike Rave coming up in May. A giant group night ride from Mission Bay to Silo Park with lights lights lights and brights. And music. Its gonna be fun!
 Thanks to all who came by and got creative in our space it was overwhelmingly awesome to see so many people wheeling and walking around in that space. How great would it be if that strip was a shared zone all the time! Looking forward to more scraptastic pop ups. #sewlove #zerowaste #bikeraveAKL #openstreets 
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