Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Everybody loves the SUNSHINE + a sewlovely PODCAST

AMAZING Illustration by Emile Holmewood of BloodBros - courtesy of The Wireless NZ and The Watercooler NZ
Hello Sew Lovelies, its been QUIET to say the least around this here blog front, but worthy of a blog note now is HARK! Im taking a wee holiday. I had been hoping to find a time to allow myself this, and trying to justify it in my head, to myself, to you guys. But yes I HAVE been working pretty darn harrrrddd and I am so looking forward to heading over to the Sunshine Coast to spend some time with my sister (and my other sister the sun!). I *might* even not take my social meds devices with me.... just togs in the backpack and my SLR no doubt. So, Sew Love will officially be closed for approx 2 weeks after this Sunday 23rd (scheduled workshops are running as per usual in this time).

AND should you miss the sound of my voice HA HA ....
There's a special podcasty thang over here about loving life here in Sew Love on Kroad. Similarly to The Moth in San Fransisco, Auckland has The Watercooler, an awesome evening of story telling, so follow the link and click around to find more. But seriously people that illustration!?! amazing St Kevins Arcade has become a sewing machine hehe LOVE IT.

See you on the other side beautiful people ~ !
Sarah Sew Love xx

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