Friday, 2 October 2015

Sew Love on TOUR !!

There's some changes happening around these parts! Sew Love the sewing lounge only has a few weeks left in St Kevins Arcade. There's a bunch of redevelopments happening in our hood and ive taken the nudge to grab the next big dream for Sew Love.
and thats taking it COUNTRY-WIDE across NZ!! in the first of its kind....


...but we cant quite stitch a bus together with a whole pile of needles and thread. we need a little help!

I love that every week we have another 5 tote bags walk out the door from a workshop here at Sew Love, but could you imagine 500 or 5000 walking out of supermarkets around the countryside?! thats a lot less plastic bags being used, being discared, and ending up on our beaches or in trees pretending to be flowers. no sir ree - lets get amongst this tote bag revolution!

So NZ, this summer we are coming for you with workshops and seaside pop ups, and not only that, in the spirit of sharing learning and inspiring community folk we will be documenting the journey to tell the awesome story of NZ lands through sewing and sustainability.

hey there NZ folk, sing out if you want the Sew Love truck to visit your town, you could pledge and pre-book a sewcial, wardrobe evaluation or smorey sleepout for when we come to your hood!

and kia ora International folk, if you want to watch a webseries of our beautiful countryside through an op shop loving, sewing, eco-warrior perspective you can pledge too and help us on the road.

Check out the video above to find out more and meet some of the lovely Sew Love community. Please tell your aunties, uncles, neighbours and friends - we want everyone and anyone to be able to have a go on a machine, take time out to be creative, and feel empowered to make, and make a difference to our beautiful planet. 

Pledge and nab yourself some of our sew lovely rewards over HERE

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